All That Remains by Al Barrera

All That Remains is definitely a slow burn. It could fall under the “zombie”, “post-apocalyptic” story categories, but has a few unexpected twists to set it slightly apart from the rest. Though the cause of the “zombie apocalypse” is not plainly laid out, one can entertain a few ideas and scenarios, which gives the story-line its appeal. Zombies are also not the only foes to be weary of.

The story begins with our heroes already surviving in the “blighted” world. We are thrown in to the fight against the “monsters” of this world, both physical and emotional. Within this fight, we meet a little girl with a secret, a symbol of hope. This little girl leads the heroes on the rest of their journey through this fight, with hope for an end. Along this journey we encounter several kinds of “monsters”, human, un-dead, and something in between. We learn of humans who have extraordinary abilities and come to understand that there are still things worse than trying to survive in this world.

Though I wouldn’t put this book at the top of my list, it is definitely worth reading. The story left a lot to be desired as far as an explanation to what caused the world to end and where all the different types of monsters came from, but that also adds a positive aspect that allows the reader to imagine for themselves. I would have liked for more clarification between memory flashbacks and internal thought, as well as an explanation for “scanners”, but, other than that, the story and characters were well written and the ending left me wanting to know “what happens next?”

Thank you to Net Galley for providing this e-book in exchange for my honest review.

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