Firebolt by Adrienne Woods

Firebolt is like a breath of fresh air. The ideas in the story are ingenious and unique. The author captures the mannerisms and characteristics of a sixteen-year-old girl beautifully, while not allowing the story to take on a juvenile tone. This is the beginning of a promising, “edge of your seat” series about dragons, magic, danger, love, loss, and coming of age.

As the very first chapter unfolded, I was on the edge of my seat, wanting to know what happens to our main character, Elena. I was hit with intrigue, peril, and heartache. I was brought to believe that dragons were real, and introduced to Dragonia. Instead of bringing me in to an unbelievable fantasy world, the author took me in to a world quite similar to our own, minus dragons. I was able to relate to and live through our heroine as she built relationships in this new, but somewhat familiar, world that she was thrown in to. I learned of the histories of Dragonia, along with Elena, and fell in love with all the beautiful teenage boys with the same unadulterated teenage hormones she felt. When Elena makes her choice to take on her heroine’s journey, I was making the choice right alongside of her.

By time I finished this book I had already bought the next few in the series. Adrienne Woods did a fantastic job of creating this world that is full of magic, splendor, and unbelievable things, all while keeping you grounded with the major ties to the real world. Her creation of characters that are both human and dragon to go along with the old idea of “dragon riders” is definitely new and exceptional. I thoroughly believed I was taking this journey with a group of sixteen-year-old kids, yet never felt like the story was “too young” or immature for me. I cannot wait to finish this series.

Thank you to Net Galley for providing this e-book in exchange for my honest review.

11 thoughts on “Firebolt by Adrienne Woods

  1. I know! Not many of us have read them. I know Amy from amagicalworldofwords.blogspot.com read this first one but didn’t enjoy it. I loved them and even featured the series in my best reads of 2016 post!

    I can’t help feeling that if the editing had been a little better and if some scenes had been cut (ruthless editing again?) it could have been better for more people but I really loved the world Woods created and I’m definitely going in for more as soon as I find some more time for her newer series.

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      1. Yes! We should definitely at the very least compare notes, but a buddy read would be great! My TBR is ridiculous right now with arcs but I should free up in October? It sounds far…. If it’s too far we just compare notes. But let me know!

        Am I following you on Insta? I mainly lurk, but I love seeing the pics. I’m on there as bookreviewsbyDi.

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