Thunderlight by Adrienne Woods

I don’t want to go in to too much detail for those who have not started this series, but this book was definitely better than the first. I have been dreaming of Dragonia since I started book 2!

Thunderlight is more action packed than book one! It is full of adventure, romance, heartwarming and heartbreaking surprises. Elena becomes more powerful and discovers something unexpected of herself. We learn more of the history and mysteries of Dragonia and suffer heartache.

Though I predicted the twist of betrayal in the story from our first encounter, I could not have predicted the change in Elena and the loss we suffer. The ending was quite a surprise and I shed a few tears for our lost loved one! I thoroughly enjoyed the twist in Elena’s fate, as well as watching her grow into more of a bad ass heroine! Blake’s story line becomes more of a mystery to me and I have begun to form predictions on his future. It warms my heart to watch the friendships between Elena, Sammy, and Becky continue to grow and flourish, and I’m still hoping to learn more of Elena’s parents.

I am so hooked on this series and already have the rest of the books waiting for me on my kindle! The idea of Dragonia has a Harry Potteresque appeal to it, yet it is unique in its own way. The story of dragons and their riders reminds me of Eragon, and yet the idea of dragons taking human form is something new and intriguing. I am looking forward to finishing the series!

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