The Whispers of the Fallen by J.D. Netto

The Whispers of the Fallen is the beginning of an imaginative, dark, dangerous series involving the struggle between humanity and darkness. We first meet Isaac and Demetre, and quickly learn that they are among the last living hope for the saving of mankind. Immediately we are driven into a nightmarish world of evil, confusion, the lure of darkness and betrayal, and the coming to being of Lucifer himself.

It took me longer than usual to get through this book. I had heard great things, and even joined the online street team to review all the books. The main portion of the book is told from Isaac’s point of view. The events that unfold are overwhelming, confusing, action packed, and fast paced. I feel like it took me so much longer to read this portion of the book because J.D wanted his readers to feel what Isaac felt. Isaac was dragged in to this world quickly and forcefully, and learned of many things he had know idea existed. I felt like I was living his nightmare with him and was being hit with everything all at once. At first I felt like this was too much, that we had met too many new characters and creatures all at once and had learned of plots and twists too suddenly. Once I hit the portion of the book told from Nephele’s point of view (which I fell in love with), I realized that I was meant to feel those feelings.

How would YOU feel if you woke up one morning and found that not only were your parents missing, but that they had been hiding secrets from you that put your, and humanity’s, very existence in jeopardy? How would you feel if on this same morning, you were hunted, and nearly murdered, by an unknown villain, AND saved by an unknown person who seems to have similarities to the villain? Isaac was expected to trust Devin and travel with him to an unknown world because it was his “destiny” to protect mankind and humanity from Lucifer. Along their travels they are met with many obstacles and battles and Isaac is thrown into the middle of a dark war.

After finishing this book, and coming to the realization that I felt the way Isaac felt during all the chaos, I am excited to continue the series. I want to find out what happens to Nephele, the Lessers, and the Blood Drinkers. I am curious about Isaac and Demetres journey and I can not wait to find out who will prevail in the war between Lucifer and man.

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Thank you to J.D. Netto and Of Tomes for providing myself and the street team with this free e-book for my honest review.

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