Moonbreeze by Adrienne Woods

First of all, does anyone else think this guy looks like Derek Hale (Tyler Hoechlin) from Teen Wolf? Wowsa!

For those who don’t know, Moonbreeze is part of a series called The Dragonian Series, starting with book one titled Firebolt, by Adrienne Woods. This is book four of the series and may just be my favorite so far. It’s difficult to decide how to go about this review and how much to write, because I honestly hate spoilers and my aim with reviews is to show others how much I loved a book so they will want to read it too.

I’ll start by saying that our main character, Elena, is the strongest she has ever been, and also the weakest and most vulnerable, in this book. The situations she finds herself in are difficult, dangerous, emotional, and heartbreaking. Blake also has a bit of an emotional struggle in this one, and finally turns in to someone we can actually, truly love. We are introduced to new, important characters, and we continue to live through the amazing friendship between Becky, Sammy, and Elena. The ending of part two will be a tough read, and the PTSD Elena experiences is heart wrenching. The end of the book will also be an emotional ride and will leave you on the edge of your seat for the next and final installment.

I will definitely say that this one has been the most emotional book of the series and probably the one I read the fastest. I have quickly fallen in love with this series and the characters. I am excited to start the next book, but sad that it will be the end of The Dragonian series.

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