Rebellion by J.D. Netto

Rebellion is book two in The Whispers of the Fallen series by J.D. Netto. In this second installment in the series we are reunited with our hero, Isaac, after his scuffle with Nephele and Erebos. We continue our terrifying journey of protecting the 5 books from Lucifer’s followers, and are thrown in to very dark, terrifying situations. Our main characters, Isaac, Devin, and Demetre, along with the book bearers, Ballard, Petra, Adara, and Xylia, fight for their lives as they run from Nephele and Erebos, as well as the blood drinkers and Bartholomew.

I was told by J.D that this book would be darker than the first one and I definitely have to agree. In book one we learned of the struggle between humanity and darkness and found that our heroes, Isaac, Demetre, and Devin, were fighting to save humanity. In this book we see how humanity can turn to darkness and truly learn that darkness dwells in the heart of all men. We begin to see a change in Isaac and start to believe in the power of temptation. I found Isaac’s struggle to be real and unique. We see him favored by the Creator in book one and given tremendous power and abilities, yet he still struggles with the darkness in his heart and the temptations of giving in to Lucifer.

I have truly come to admire and respect Devin for his struggle and bravery. Being a Nephilin, he is automatically expected and predisposed to be dark, and yet he still fights alongside Isaac and Demetre to keep Lucifer from coming in to being. His struggle doesn’t seem as difficult as Isaac’s or the book bearers’, but his may just be the most difficult of them all.

I am hoping to learn more of the book bearers in the coming books. So far their characters seem to fit well in the story. I feel like they all come from slightly different backgrounds and I can see how each one of them has a story to tell and characteristics to add to the series. I am hopeful of a budding romance between Xylia and Isaac, even if it is fleeting.

In the past month, I have read three books that claimed to be in the horror category. I was sadly disappointed by all three, as they did not give me the imagery I desired. Rebellion did not disappoint me at all! The horrors we see in the aftermath of the slaughter by the blood drinkers is astonishing. We are introduced to new predators that can rip humans limb from limb, and we witness the terror that can be inflicted between men who succumb to the darkness in their hearts and are fighting one another out of fear. This series gets better with each book and I cannot wait to find out what happens next.

#thewhispersofthefallen #oftomes

Thank you to J.D. Netto and Of Tomes for providing myself and the street team with this free e-book for my honest review.



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