The Enemy Within by Scott Burn

The Enemy Within is a powerful Sci-Fi novel that will hold you in it’s grips from beginning to the end. You will be taken on a journey of self discovery, friendship, loss, and a fight between worlds. Imagine taking the idea of “sleeper cells” and combining it with a story like the TV series “Roswell” and you will find the intriguing, emotional book that is The Enemy Within.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and its main characters. The story was interesting and really made you think, “hmm, I wonder…” I could see this being turned in to a movie or mini series and would compare it to “Roswell,” (as mentioned above), and The Fifth Wave. The Enemy Within was a real page turner and I was not left disappointed in the least.

I felt the emotion Max felt in the beginning of the story when he was clueless as to why he kept experiencing his terrifying visions. I empathized with him as he tried to end it all, and worried about him when he was sent to Hanover. His character was well developed and felt so authentic. I admired the bond he created with Noah and understood why he became attracted to Jamie. In the end of the story I felt a sense of pride in his decision and his bravery.

Noah’s character felt like the “comic relief” of the story. He was necessary in creating a trustworthy bond with Max to keep him with the group and his character used a familiar coping mechanism to handle the dire situation the group found themselves in. More importantly though, he brought laughter to the story. Even though he wasn’t 100% human, he brought human emotion to the book.

Jamie’s character felt like the typical passive player you often find in groups. Though I felt that she added the needed facet of feminism to the group and kept them grounded, she fit the bill of the character that always seems to go along with what’s happening. In the end this does not play to her advantage, but she was an enjoyable and much needed character.

I actually feel like I enjoyed Vincent’s character the most. As the unspoken leader of the group he was strong and decisive. I truly felt like he cared about the survival of the group and he had a cool edge about him. His character was written so well that I did not see the plot twist coming from him until it happened.

This story felt familiar and yet felt new and invigorating. The characters fit well and the plot twist was a big surprise and, yet, it made sense and concluded the story well. I almost feel like the book ended with allowance for a sequel. I would definitely rate this one with 5 stars and would look forward to a sequel if announced.

Thank you to Scott Burn for sharing the book and the book cover with me for my honest opinion.

2 thoughts on “The Enemy Within by Scott Burn

  1. I find it really interesting when authors use characters that aren’t human or fully human in this case and make them more humane than those who are. That cover has a much more ominous feel after reading your review. Appreciate all your thoughts!


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