The Gathering of Shadows by J.D. Netto

We are plunged further in to darkness and peril with each book in this series. The Gathering of Shadows will grip you with raw emotion and horrifying imagery that will leave you breathless. You will feel hope and hopelessness all in the same book and at the end will be left wondering if the light will actually overcome the darkness.

I felt so many emotions with this one. I could feel doubt in Isaac as he struggled to keep his courage. I felt hope when he and Xylia shared a much needed moment of passion. I felt brotherly love between Demetre and Isaac as Demetre finds his courage to embark on a harrowing journey alone. I felt hopelessness throughout all the struggles of the story and felt the pain of loss and disappointment in the conclusion of this book.

The imagery used to create this world and the characters is something dark, unique, and extraordinary. I could see the grisly sights that our heroes encountered. I could imagine the terrifying creatures that stood in their way and I felt the terror and anguish Isaac, Xylia, and Arundel experienced during their hallucinations.

Arundel stood out to me in this book. His character is brave and embodies everything that is good and light. He truly proves that all you need is faith and courage to make a difference. Both Arundel and Demetre give me hope that mankind will overcome the darkness.

This story draws me in more and more with each book. I can feel the emotions the characters experience and I can see the world in my mind with the epic imagery displayed in these books. I am caught in the middle of this battle between light and dark and I am excited and terrified to see how it ends.

#thewhispersofthefallen #oftomes

Thank you to J.D. Netto and Of Tomes for providing myself and the street team with this free e-book for my honest review.

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