Time Weaver by Jacinta Maree

Timer Weaver is an entrancing story that will captivate you from page one. This book is full of intrigue, supernatural beings, adventure, and features a strong willed female lead. The plot to this book is extraordinary and thrilling. We get not one, but two conflicts that intertwine, lending peril and suspense to the story. We find ourselves in the middle of a struggle  between two time collectors and join up with a team of supernatural hunters. We encounter witches and shadows, as well as evil humans. For fans of Doctor Who, Supernatural, and Stalking Jack The Ripper, this book will not disappoint!

Sometimes it is just too difficult to give praise to something without comparing it to something else. This book was definitely unique and was a major page turner, but it can also be compared to the two televisions series and the book mentioned above. Our main character reminds me so much of Audrey Rose from STJR. The idea of the Time Collectors and Time Weavers makes me nostalgic for Doctor Who, and the party of hunters or “Gaurdians” we come across makes me think of Supernatural. With that being said, the comparisons themselves lend well deserved praise to Time Weaver because those three titles are highly successful in their own rights’.

Comparisons aside, I truly enjoyed Time Weaver and felt like it cast a magical spell on me. I loved the main character, Elizabeth. I mean, who doesn’t love a strong, brave, headstrong, female character that is willing to fight for what she believes in and those she loves. I think her character was realistic and didn’t succumb to the expectations of normal storybook females as far as falling in love with the first man who saves her.

Speaking of men. I also enjoyed the character of Klaus. You expect there to be a budding romance between he and Elizabeth, since we usually find that between two main characters, and what we end up with is a main character who is struggling against romance. He is not altogether a hero and not altogether a villain. I found him to be intriguing and dashing and terrifying at the same time.

I enjoyed this fast paced adventure with its twists and intrigues. I am very hopeful for a sequel and the continuation of Elizabeth’s story. You will not be disappointed with this fantastical read!

Thank you to Net Galley for providing this for free for my honest review.

6 thoughts on “Time Weaver by Jacinta Maree

    1. I believe it is the beginning of the series. Here is Jacinta’s answer when I asked about a sequel:

      mareejacinta@darquedreamer thank you, it’s still in its early stages right now. Time Weaver took so much out of me I had to take a break to recover hahaha. Thank you for your interest tho.

      Fingers crossed that we don’t have to wait long!

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