Passenger by Alexandra Bracken

Passenger is exquisitely beautiful, and is full of adventure, romance, pirates, and time travel. Alexandra Bracken paints a perfect picture of the world being explored through the eyes of Etta and Nicholas, while addressing issues between old and new cultural norms. This story deserves high praise!

In this book, we are introduced to violin sensation Etta Spencer on the night of her big debut. We are quickly thrown in to a heartbreaking and confusing conflict this night as Etta is forced to another world and time. Etta finds herself aboard a British ship being invaded by pirates and meets our unlikely hero, Nicholas. Here the real story begins, and we are taken on a terrifying, romantic journey around the world and through time in search of power and answers.

I really wanted to take my time with this one so I could savor every last bit. I was astounded by the sheer beauty and elegance found in this story. I felt like I was traveling alongside Etta and Nicholas and could really see the world in my mind. I loved the fact that this story addressed issues of bi-racial couples, woman’s rights, and cultural norms.

Etta’s character was astonishingly brave, intelligent, and adventurous. She led such a sheltered life, having to dedicate it entirely to her music, and, yet, she held high morals, showed respect to all who deserved it, and had open minded, positive views of the world and how important it is to stand up for what is right. I loved that, even though she was similar to her mother, she was her own character. She also earned my respect and admiration for bringing to light the characteristics of treating someone equally despite race and gender.

Nicholas had my heart from the start. I loved his moral standing and his need to work hard and treat people with respect. He showed high regard for women, despite their oppression in his time period, and he was valiant, chivalrous, and daring. He had his own motives throughout the story, but he still put Etta and her safety above them.

I really fell in love with this one! The journey we are taken on is beyond extraordinary and the story is full of imagination. I cannot wait to read Wayfarer to find out what happens to Etta and Nicholas!

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