The Whispers of the Fallen: Descent by J.D. Netto

The darkness you thought you knew pales in comparison to what is found in Lucifer’s heart. We are shown the true face of evil, and yet, are also shown the human characteristics that reside there. Be prepared for more bloodshed, secret revelations, and the beginning of another battle in the war between Lucifer’s dark followers and the creators followers of light. Descent will thrust you further in to despair and leave you doubting all you though you knew.

I do not think I can deliver justice to this novella with my review. I felt like I knew just how dark and evil Lucifer was from the first three books of this series, and then I was shown a side of him I did not think could possibly exist. He is more than just evil and darkness incarnate. He has feelings of love, shame, and guilt. I felt like I learned multitudes about who he is and why he feels justified to destroy everything the creator loved and built.

I truly am in awe at what has been created between the blood drinkers and the Nephilin Nephele. The characters and creatures found in this series are dark, vivid, and imaginative! I cannot wait to see what becomes of this new creature!

I have said that each book in this series is better than the last. With each installment, the story becomes darker, more dangerous, and more intense. Descent does not disappoint with this claim. I cannot get enough of this series, and after Descent, I may just be a Lucifer girl!

Thank you to J.D. Netto and Of Tomes for providing myself and the street team with this ARC.

#thewhispersofthefallen #oftomes

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