The Dark Days Pact by Alison Goodman (Lady Helen #2)

The Dark Days Pact is riveting and heart-pumping! You will be kept on the edge of your seat. This second installment of the series is better than the first! Be prepared for action, sleuthing, danger, and forbidden passion.

“Their angry eyes locked. The raw connection was no more than a second, but it blazed with pulsing heat.” (Goodman, 92).

The Plot: Two months have passed since Lady Helen’s world of High Society has been turned upside down. With scandal hanging over her, she has left her family to stay with Lady Margaret and Mr. Hammond in Brighton to begin her training as a Reclaimer under the tutelage of the dark and mysterious Lord Carlston. She must learn how to fully harness and use her abilities, as well as learning the art of alchemy, combat, and becoming accustomed to disguising herself as a man. It is during her training that unforeseen, dangerous events unfold, telling of a journal called the Ligatus, that is not only full of secrets, but can be used to the advantage of The Grand Deceiver. Can Lady Helen find this journal before the deceivers do? And, what of the sudden darkness and fits of violence being exhibited by Lord Carlston?

“For the past two weeks, she had been studying Mr. Grose’s recently published Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue alongside her alchemy books, trying to treat the startling revelations of attitude and behavior within it as if she were merely learning another language.” (Goodman, 72)

I think I must have held my breathe for, at least, the last 50 pages. What an action packed ride this was! The Dark Days Pact held all the same time period and character details, but was much faster paced than The Dark Days Pact. I enjoyed witnessing Lady Helen’s training and felt like she began to adventure out “Sherlock Holmes” style in her investigations. This second book was quite comical (in a good way) at times, and was also full of scandal and betrayal. The concept of duty, for The Dark Days Club, was highly reinforced here, and the plot and some of the new characters introduced more doubt and suspicion to the story.

“…she wondered if she might be crushed by so much doubt and responsibility.” (Goodman, 234).

We are introduced to Ignatious Pike in this second book. Pike comes off as one of the main antagonists. He is sexist, homophobic, hateful, and devious. He plays a large role in the story, and I am sure we will see more of him in book 3.

We are also introduced to Reclaimer Stokes and Comte d’Antraigues. Both are somewhat mysterious characters, but play equally large parts in the story. Stokes becomes somewhat of an ally but still maintains his club duties, and the Comte, a deceiver, actually plays a beneficial role to our heroes, which is very intriguing.

I finished this book much faster than the first, and now I am so upset knowing I have to wait almost a whole year for the 3rd book! Alison Goodman did an AMAZING job in keeping with the time period and character development. The story line is progressing fabulously and I was on the edge of my seat, holding my breath during much of this book!

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