Blood Rose Rebellion by Rosalyn Eves

“Because tea was, of course, the appropriate response to an afternoon’s talk of treason and monsters.” (Eves, 210).

Brace yourself for a whirlwind of a story. Blood Rose Rebellion is nothing short of spectacular. You will begin in Victorian London, in a world of social class and English propriety. You will travel to beautiful Hungary and encounter magic, folklore, danger, and gypsies. And your journey will culminate in the strife of revolution!

The Plot: Anna Arden has grown up in a world where the upper class, the Luminate, are not only the leaders of society, but the only ones powerful enough to weird magic. Though, born to a Luminate family herself, Anna is barren, unable to wield magic or cast spells. Longing to belong to society, and having the worst luck with spells going haywire in her presence, Anna is sent away with her grandmother after “ruining” her sister’s big spell casting debut. It is in Hungary that Anna learns the truth of the magical world around her and her inadvertence for spell breaking . With Hungary, and the non-Luminate, on the brink of rebellion, can Anna find her place in society and embrace her true self?

Blood Rose Rebellion has officially taken the place of my current favorite book! I fell in love with this one! It begins in Victorian London, which I have been diving in to a lot lately, and ends in a Les Miserable like setting in lore-filled Hungary. I found the story and character building to be incredible and was drawn in by the creative folklore. Plus, there are gypsies! I found myself holding my breath over many pages while reading, and I fell in love with the dark, mysterious Gábor! I admired our heroine, Anna, who is not unlike Lady Helen in The Dark Days Club, or Audrey Rose in Stalking Jack The Ripper, and I adored Grandmama!

Our main character, Anna, is curious, bright, and headstrong. She experiences tremendous humiliation at the hands of her sister, and yet still continues to care for her because she has morals and a true sense of family. She is well developed, undergoes a great transformation in the story, and showed significant foreshadowing in her character and power from the beginning.

“I disliked mirrors. Sometimes when I looked at them aslant, I caught an uncanny doubled image, as if I were not one person but two- as if I were a stranger in my own skin.” (Eves, 6).

Grandmama was such a love-able, wise character. She showed fierce loyalty to her family and had Anna’s best interests at heart. I enjoyed her folk tales about Hungary and felt that she played an important role in the story.

Gábor was an interesting character. He was strong, brooding, and enigmatic at times. He showed immense family loyalty and added a bit of romance to Anna’s story.

“Something unpredictable flickered in Gábor’s eyes.” (Eves, 143).

You definitely don’t want to miss this one! Blood Rose Rebellion will have you on the edge of your seat with a new, magical world full of old wives’ tales, adventure, peril, and a revolution! I rate this one a full 5 stars and already want to re-read it!

Thank you to Blogging For Books for providing me with this free review copy in exchange for my honest opinion!

7 thoughts on “Blood Rose Rebellion by Rosalyn Eves

      1. I read the negative comments too and I don’t understand why there is so much negativity. It’s really good and seems school friendly too, which is another good reason for you to read and review it!


  1. I still haven’t finished this book, I’ve to read a few chapters but I definitely didn’t like it. I will write the reasons on my review ( that I’m still writing ) 🙆

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