I Was A Teenage Ghost Hunter by Brian Henry

“…Devin could see that, not only was there a figure, but the figure possessed a clearly delineated face.” (Henry, I Was A Teenage Ghost Hunter).

I was a Teenage Ghost Hunter is sure to impress! For fans of Goosebumps and The Haunted Mansion look no further than this delightfully creepy and entertaining read. Henry delivers a fantastic story full of adventure, humor, wacky friendship, and teenage nostalgia.

The Plot: Sixteen year old Devin Mulray has always been a little strange. He never quite fit in with the other teens at school, and has always had a slightly boring life centered around school, home, and his annoying job at the hotel cafe. When the “zone outs” and strange sightings of “whispy, white figures” begin, Devin chalks it up to sleep deprivation and too much studying. But his friends Nayra, Rex, and Clive begin to think its something more. With the not-so-welcome encouragement of his friends, and a little push from Emily, the cute lab partner, Devin begins to delve in to the world of the paranormal. With a not-so-planned out investigation of an abandoned estate, and the strange nightmares haunting Devin’s dreams, will the group find out what is really causing the strange manifestations of Rousten Manor, or will they only make things worse?

I enjoyed reading this one. I was a huge fan of Goosebumps as a kid, and I have always loved The Haunted Mansion ride at Disney and the tales and retellings over the years. I Was A Teenage Ghost Hunter brought some of that childhood nostalgia back for me. It was a fun, quick, entertaining read that I would recommend to any YA reader!

The characters really came to life as normal, not-normal teenagers. They were the “outcasts” so to speak (kind of like me in high school). Each character had a definite role to play in the story and I truly believed that they were high school students.

Devin was an interesting main character. He was slightly shy, mildly withdrawn, and definitely non-confrontational. Obviously, he has some sort of ability or link involving ghosts, which allows him to see things no one else can. He was very reluctant to fall in to the paranormal world and investigations with his not-so-reluctant friends, and he ends up coming through as a “hero” of sorts.

I just get distracted sometimes. Zone out, whatever. It’s totally normal.” (Henry, I Was A Teenage Ghost Hunter).

Clive was the “artistic” teen of the group. He had a dark but creative personality. He got along well with the other characters and added some humor and intrigue to the story. I enjoyed the depth of his character.

“Clive Welter-Manes was perhaps the only student at Grey Bluff High who was not only a devoted pianophile and classical music fanatic, but also a budding avant-garde composer.” (Henry, I Was A Teenage Ghost Hunter).

Rex was definitely an imaginative character. He added a lot of humor to the story with his wild story telling, and his fear of rats. He contrasted well to Devin and Clive, kind of completing their little group of pals.

“…Rex and his habits of jumping to conclusions and spreading stories…” (Henry, I Was A Teenage Ghost Hunter).

Nayra was sort of the antagonist of the group. She was pushy and came off as a “know it all”. She was the “different” girl in school with her dress style, her interest in the paranormal, and her choice of beliefs and attitude toward others. Though, she was slightly annoying at times, she was necessary to give the story the main push by interfering and, ultimately, being the cause of the initial research and investigation of Rousten Manor.

“Nayra’s been telling this to everyone in town?” (Henry, I Was A Teenage Ghost Hunter).

Emily was the cute, curious girl of the bunch. She comes in to the story as the lab partner that has never really taken an interest in the group, until the rumors about the estate and Devin begin. Instead of being a normal “popular” teenage girl and running from Devin, she asserts her curiosity and interest, and becomes an intriguing  part of the story.

“Could anyone possibly have a weirder batch of friends?” (Henry, I Was A Teenage Ghost Hunter).

I Was A Teenage Ghost Hunter was entertaining, mildly creepy, and pleasantly humorous. Filled with teenage nostalgia, and perfectly written teenage characters, it is sure to draw you in and impress you. I rate this one 4.5 stars.

Thank you to Brian K Henry himself for allowing me access to this free review e-copy in exchange for my honest opinion.

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