A Conjuring of Light by V.E. Schwab (Shades of Magic #3) (May contain spoilers)

“Pure magic has no self. It simply is, a force of nature, the blood of our world, the marrow of our bones. We give it shape, but we must never give it soul.

-Master Tieren”

(Schwab, p. 9)

A Conjuring of Light is rich with magic and fantastical details. You will be further immersed in to the world of Red London and the struggle against the blackness. Prepare yourself for more danger, romance, imagination, and heartache!

The Plot: With Kell caught in the grips of Holland, possessed by Osaron, Lila races to save him. Meanwhile, Rhy is suffering, from his link with Kell, in the palace with all of Red London unknowing of what is on its way. Lila and Kell barely escape with their lives, only to come back to Red London to await the arrival of Osaron and his want. Reunited in the palace, Lila, Alucard, and the royals begin to witness the blackness of Osaron taking over their London. It is now a race, a race against time, against magic, against each other, to come work together and find a way to conquer the darkness that has taken over the world. Who will survive?

During book 2 I became addicted to this trilogy! I felt like each book gave more detail and illumination to the story and the characters. A Conjuring of Light was enchanting and intriguing and drew me in with the anticipation of the fight against Osaron. I loved the attention to detail in the story and the fact that the struggle against the blackness was just that. It took some real effort, plotting, and strength from the whole group to take down Osaron, and it was not done quickly. It felt real.

Book 3 was definitely the stuff of myths. I could see this story being told like Beowulf or King Arthur. I could feel the intensity of the fight. I felt the heartache of the characters we lost, and was on the edge of my seat wondering if our heroes would in fact prevail!

“Myths do not happen all at once…They form slowly, rolled between the hands of time until their edges smooth, until the saying of the story gives enough weight to the world…” (Schwab, p. 469).

I was so excited to learn more about Holland and his past. His character changed for me. I know longer hated him as the villain. I pitied him for being forced to do villainous things. I admired him for finding his strength toward the end of the story and for becoming the hero he should have been, and I felt relief for him as he finally was able to let go and find his peace.

“Lila met Holland’s gaze…she found shades of sadness, loss. And somehow, strength…” (Schwab, p. 440).

I felt like Lila and Kell held on to everything I loved about them from the first two books, and took on more strength and determination. I loved the romance that built between them and felt the satisfaction of knowing that they were finally able to be together. I also loved the fact that their romance was not a distraction from the main story. They didn’t allow their feelings to get in the way of completing their task and saving Red London.

“…when Osaron is gone and we’ve saved the world…come with me.” (Schwab, p.313).

I was equally pleased with the end result of the romance between Rhy and Alucard. I loved the detail and the heartache of Alucard’s struggle with his family knowing  that he loved the prince, and the fact that he was finally able to show Rhy the real reason why he broke his heart years ago. I also loved that their romance did not get in the way of what needed to be done to save Red London.

I have to say that my favorite thing about book 3 was Rhy’s character transformation. In book 1 I learned just enough about him to find him to be a flirt and an irresponsible prince. In book 2 those notions were furthered by his stubbornness and knack for getting both himself and Kell in to trouble. In this book, however, I saw him grow up and take on his royal responsibility. I watched him mature and become honorable and brave as he showed his true love for his people and his family.

“…a new myth was taking shape. This was the story of a prince who watched over his city as it slept.” (Schwab, p.469).

Though it had a happy ending, A Conjuring of Light was not without its heartache of loss. I enjoyed that the most. I hated that we lost some lovable characters, but enjoyed the fact that the struggle was real, and was not easy. There was betrayal and danger everywhere, and though good triumphed over evil, it was not without its difficulties. I rate this one a solid 5 stars and am thoroughly satisfied with the series!

“Sometimes there are celebrations and sometimes there are funerals.” (Schwab, p. 577).

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