The Fear by Rae Louise

“…odd things, like food turning moldy when it was fine, maggots raiding the cupboards; creatures trying to get in through the windows at night.” (Louise).

For fans of Poltergeist, Insidious, and Ouija, this one is for you! The Fear will plunge you in to the lives of a family trying to find a fresh start after a terrible accident. Their fresh start holds more than they bargained for. With an interesting plot, and creep factor, this one will keep you turning the page.

The Plot: After having to move her mother, Vivian, in to a care home, Mia and her 17 year old sister Jamie inherit their Uncle Billy’s old house. The sisters, and Mia’s 5 year old daughter Louisa move in to the house, hoping for a fresh start after their mother, with early Alzheimer’s, accidentally set fire to their home. It doesn’t take long for their fresh start to turn in to a fresh nightmare. All three begin to experience odd and frightening occurrences, each different, tailored to their fears. As the nightmares worsen, the psychological effects begin to take their toll. Can Mia uncover the truth of the house’s history and save her family before the entity can do more harm?

The Fear was an interesting, quick read with a good amount of creepiness to it. I felt like it read as if I was watching a horror movie. It had a good plot with a fair amount of chill factor to the “paranormal events”. The characters were well written and I felt like their fear was well conveyed.

“Are you implying that this…thing…is preying on people’s fears?” (Louise).

Mia was a decent “motherly” figure. I felt that she was wise and matured beyond her years, and for good reason. Her reaction to the paranormal occurrences was believable and justifiable. I admired the way she took care of her younger sister and enjoyed the way the book ended with her and the entity.

Jamie was a typical teenager. I assume the drinking age in England is younger than 21 since she was allowed to drink. She had a rough past and her worst fear was definitely used to torment her.

I don’t have much else to say without giving away the main details of the book. I would rate it 4 stars and definitely felt a little “creeped out” reading at night time in the dark. It was a good read, and though not as scary as I would have liked it to be, it had a fair amount of horror details that kept my interest.

“Paul was convinced it was down to demonic activity but I insisted that he’d seen too many horror films.” (Louise).

Thank you to NetGalley for providing this free review e-copy in exchange for my honest opinion.


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