Shadows of Life (A collection of poetry) by Nazreen

“The Shadows of Life are emotions; the thoughts, desires, and aspirations trailing in our wake.” (Dr. Nazreen).

Shadows of Life by Dr. Nazreen is a collection of beautiful, powerfully written, fervid poems and prose. Inside you will find impassioned lyricism about life, love, death, and raw emotion! Experience the lyrical prose of longing, dreaming, and lamenting found in this treasury of verses of quotidian sentiment. Nazreen’s poems can be compared to those of Emily Dickinson (my favorite poet) because of their soulful outlook on life, love, depression, and death.

“I long to find faeries, beneath the skies

With resplendent wings and iridescent eyes…” (Nazreen).


(Josephine Wall – Star Gazing)

Poetry has always held a special place in my heart. I used to write poetry as an outlet in high school, and always seemed to understand it better than most of my fellow pupils. Though I enjoy the challenge of deciphering intense poems such as those of Shakespeare, I tend to enjoy more simple poems, written from the heart, easily understandable. This is why I enjoyed Shadows of Life so much.

“Words do not drown out any

Of the music in my soul.” (Nazreen).


(Josephine Wall – Angel Melodies)

These poems are beautifully written and they express such emotion and desire. Dr. Nazreen did an eloquent job of portraying her feelings, longings, and desires in her prose. This collection of poems should spark thoughtful sentiment in the hearts of both those who love and abhor poetry. As people, we can be complex creatures. We can look at one another and never truly figure each other out. Poetry, like Dr. Nazreen’s, adds a beauty to that complexity and peels it back layer by layer.

“But the person next to you

Shall never notice the hurricanes

Raging in your world.” (Nazreen).


(Josephine Wall – Zodiac)

I would like to share my favorite poem out of the collection because I found it to be exhilarating and intriguing. This one spoke to my heart above the others. The name of this one is Gypsy, and I feel like it speaks to those who have a sense of wildness and longing in their hearts.


Love is the only magic

That can tame the

Tempestuous oceans in her

To calm waters.

Like a soft breeze,

It will get past

The flaming red of her hair

All the way down

To the wilderness

In her little gypsy heart.



(Josephine Wall – Gypsy Magic)

I have read through the entire collection twice, and I feel like, each time, I found something new that spoke to me. Each poem holds its own unique value. Each emotion conveyed is relatable and genuine. As having dealt with depression in the past, Dr. Nazreen’s poems titled The Other and I, Repressed, and Relapse, speak to those feelings I once felt. Feeling like I have a free spirit trapped inside, her poems titled Gypsy and Bohemian convey that sense of longing and desire I hold. I am sure each one of you could find a unique poem from this collection that you can relate to.  Make sure you pick up a copy of this stunning collection of poetry! (Amazon, Barnes & Noble)

“For in the matters of the heart, we are all one and the same.” (Nazreen).


A Little bit about the author:


Nazreen is a doctor by day and a poet by night (and somewhere in the middle during afternoons and evenings). As a child who wished to alter the conclusions of several fairy-tales, she gradually started fabricating her own fables and later with the passing of years, latched on to poetry, prose and short stories.

When not writing or away at work she can be found meditating, tending to the garden or feeding stray cats.

(blurb taken from Shadows of Life).

Thank you so much Dr. Nazreen for providing me with a free e-copy of your beautiful collection to review with my honest opinion!

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