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Hunted by Meagan Spooner

Hunted is a Beauty and the Beast retelling that will remain in your heart as if it were the original. This tale will enchant you. It will captivate you and entangle you.

“In every fairy tale there were rules. Even the monsters could not break them.” (Spooner, p. 133).

The Plot: Yeva is not like her sisters. She loves to hunt and has no interest in marrying. When her father makes a business decision that loses their fortune, the four of them are forced to move deep in to the woods, in their old, abandoned cabin. It is finally Yeva’s chance to hunt again and use the skills taught by her father as a child. But while her sisters care for the cabin and Yeva is out hunting, their father begins to go mad and talk of the beast hunting him in the woods. When he disappears, Yeva has but one choice; to go searching for their loving father. In her search she is captured by the Beast and held captive. Can she escape and return to her family?

I was hooked the moment I began this book. The author has such a lovely, lyrical writing style, and though this book was predictable, it was enchanting. I adored the use of Russian folklore and faerie tales and I fell in love with the magical twists the author threw in to this tale. The characters and story-line were so well written that I could believe that this was the original Beauty and the Beast tale.

“This is a dream…Magic. A fairy tale.” (Spooner, p. 367).

Yeva’s character was my favorite. She was strong, independent, and determined. She was kind and caring and fought for what she believed in. I loved that she had no care for trivial womanly things of her time. She is the kind of character I always look for in a story and she was paired well with the Beast.

“Yeva had always longed for nothing more than to live at her father’s hunting cabin, where she had spent so many happy days with him as a child on their expeditions.” (Spooner, p. 27).

The Beast was an intriguing character. He seemed like the beast from the original story but also held more complex layers and details. His story was that of a Russian faerie tale and his fight against beast and human nature was interesting.

“She’d long known that the Beast had two natures, and that they fought within him.” (Spooner, p. 235).

I feel like this story could win over the hearts of those who are in love with the original. It has so many magical details and felt like an age old faerie tale. I adored the use of the “faerie” realm aspect and the fact that there were other folk and faerie tales told within the story to make it feel more enchanting. I will most definitely be reading more from this author!

“…he’d told her of spirits and demons and creatures that had no names. But all children were told such stories…” (Spooner, p. 186).


9 thoughts on “Hunted by Meagan Spooner

  1. I’m so glad you loved this! The characters sound well fleshed out, I can’t wait to dive into this book. Great review!


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