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Lost Boy by Christina Henry

We all know the story of the heroic Peter Pan, and the villainous Hook. But, what if that story wasn’t the whole truth? Lost Boy is a dark, imaginative retelling of the illusive Captain Hook. Christina Henry paints us a dangerous picture of Neverland and our beloved Peter Pan. This one is a story of peril and nightmares, of sorrow and betrayal.

The Plot: Peter promised Jamie they would be friends forever. He promised they would never grow up and never die. Peter made a lot of promises, but the promise he didn’t make was to care for the boys he brought to the island and ensure their safety. It’s all fun and games until a boy gets eaten by a crocodile, or killed by a pirate.

Lost Boy hooked me from the beginning. I fell in love with the lost boys and cared for Jamie. I feared Peter Pan. I found humor in the games the boys played, and felt sadness when a lost boy died. I felt fear when the boys faced the Many Eyed, and felt wonder when the island was described to me in detail. The author did an amazing job with transforming Neverland in to something dark and dangerous. She made me feel like I was fighting alongside of the boys and gave the characters such depth. I didn’t need long histories on each boy to know that they came to the island with Peter because their lives in the Other Place were unsatisfactory, and dangerous even. I felt the childish innocence and the child-like wonder emanating from each character.

Jamie, of course, was my favorite character. He cared so much for the boys, and at one point, cared deeply for Peter. He had a hard life in the Other Place, so it was no wonder that he followed Peter to the island. He was a major father figure to the rest of the lost boys, and through his struggles on the island, it is obvious why he would become Captain Hook.

Peter was such a complex character. It is definitely hard to re-write a beloved character from a classic tale that everyone loves, but Henry did such a phenomenal job with his development and characteristics. He was dark and dangerous. Brooding and conniving, yet he had all the boys fooled in to loving him. He cared only for himself and about having fun and playing games, but underneath he was quite murderous. He definitely prayed on the younger, weaker boys like Charlie.

Charlie is so adorable and lovable. He represents the childish innocence of all the boys. He is kind and caring, and definitely a little gullible. He is taken under Jamie’s wing and is a wonderful representation of Jamie’s heart.

Lost Boy is a fantastic, horrific retelling of two characters we have grown up with. Their personalities are redefined so well that you can really believe that this is the true story of Captain Hook and Peter Pan. This book holds all the fun, humor, and child-like wonder that we know and love from the original story, but offers so much more in the way of darkness, peril, betrayal, and heartache.


Thank you to NetGalley and Berkley Publishing Group for providing me with this free e-ARC in exchange for my honest review!


12 thoughts on “Lost Boy by Christina Henry

      1. Oh. LOTF was actually one of the only required books in school that I enjoyed. (at least, better than my fellows classmates.) Granted, I think I was drawn to the darker, malicious side of the book. (I was your stereotypical brooding emo kid. :p)

        Oh! Speaking LOTF, I have this idea for a space opera retelling of it. 😉 Now… if only I could find the time to write some of these book ideas. Bahahahaha!

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