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I Was A Teenage Ghost Hunter II by Brian K. Henry With Author Q & A


“Oh, of course. Silly me. I’d forgotten my demonic energy basics.” (Henry).

Brian Henry has done it again! He has delivered us a fun, adventurous ghost story! I Was A Teenage Ghost Hunter 2 is perfect for fans of Ghostbusters and Goosebumps! Like book 1, it offers humor, teenage nostalgia, and a good bit of creep factor. For those looking for a quick, quirky read, this one is for you!

The Plot: It seems that no one will let Devin Mulwray live down his ghost adventures from The Rousten House. High school is hard enough. Still learning about his “ability” to communicate with ghosts, Devin is faced with another paranormal situation. When the “stuck up” girl at school begins to act strangely, all eyes turn to Devin to find out if it is ghost related. Can Devin overcome his reluctance to accept his paranormal skill and team up with best friends, Rex and Clive, to help Regina before it’s too late?

“It feels dark, intense, like some presence. Something grim and strong.” (Henry).

I found this book to be fun and humorous! It made me nostalgic for my childhood years of reading Goosebumps, and my teenage years enjoying Ghostbusters with my best friend. I Was A Teenage Ghost Hunter 2 holds all the same enjoyable characteristics of book 1, but with a new supernatural twist. Devin teams up with his wacky friends again to investigate the “disturbances” at the Holster house, but he meets a new character who gives him more cryptic insight in to his abilities. Book 2 explores a whole new aspect of ghostly encounters.

This book may not necessarily be geared toward the older readers, but it is definitely enjoyable for all ages (above 10 or 12 due to some mild cursing). It does have the mild creepiness, since it is about ghosts and hauntings, but it is full of humor and wackiness, just like Ghostbusters. It is well written and has some funny, intriguing characters.

Devin’s character is your average teenage boy. He is curious about girls. He likes to have fun with his friends, and he gets in to trouble, a lot. I really enjoy the fact that he can see and communicate with spirits, and I find it humorous that he always forgets that he is the only one that can see them. He shows understandable hesitation with embracing his ability, but when he does embrace it, he shows astounding kindness and curiosity.

“You have seen spectral emanations. They appear only to those with sensitivity, the skill to perceive appearances beyond the mundane.” (Henry).

All in all, book 2 is just as fun and humorous as book 1. I think it is suitable to compare it to Ghostbusters and Goosebumps because I enjoyed both is those when I was younger, and I know I would still enjoy them today. You’ve got the creepy, supernatural aspect to the stories with dealing with ghosts, but you have the comedy that comes from three teenage boys trying to perform paranormal investigations. For those who enjoy quick, run reads, look no further than I Was a Teenage Ghost Hunter 1 and 2.



Author Q & A

When did you decide you wanted to write?

I’ve been writing stories since about the fourth grade. Even my first stories were sort of comedy stories. I did superhero take-offs, using my teacher as the basis for the superhero. Typical for someone who always liked school, I guess.  Then I went on and wrote a lot throughout high school and college, but never pursued publishing until the whole Kindle phenomenon started.

Did you you have a specific reader age in mind?

I’ve written stuff for an adult audience, but with I Was a Teenage Ghost Hunter I specifically wanted to do something for the teenage reader. So I tried to make the characters as believable as possible as teenagers, while still having a lot of humor and supernatural situations.

Have you had any paranormal experiences?

No, I haven’t had anything like a paranormal experience or even like a religious experience. But I’ve always been attracted to fantastical stories and supernatural subjects.  It sort of gives you a way to explore to how characters react and behave in extreme situations, and you can use the ghostly elements as a fun way to think about all of the mysterious parts of the world that are hard to explain.

What or who was your inspiration for Devin’s character?

I loved the movie Donnie Darko and I think that character was in my mind – sort of a brooding, haunted character that was an outsider at his school and had these perceptions no one else had. Then I took that idea and made Devin a little more likable and less dark, I think.

Who do you you feel you relate to the most, Rex, Clive, or Devin?

That’s an interesting question.  Now that I think about it, I think I have elements of all three, but I feel more similar to Devin, since I’m an introvert and overthink everything. I also feel very creative and drawn to the arts, like Clive. Rex is probably more of what I’d like to be – more spontaneous and silly.

How did you decide to create the Rousten and Holster houses?

For the first book, I wanted to do a traditional ‘haunted house’ type story.  So I thought of things like the Haunted Mansion and read some classic ghost stories.  When I thought about setting the book in Arcata, I knew they had a lot of old mansions there, so I thought it would be perfect.  After doing that, I wanted to use a very different setting for the second book so it wouldn’t feel too similar.  So I thought it would be interesting to have a very modern, but unusual house, and see how that would work.



About The Author


Brian K. Henry holds a PhD. in English and is the author of the humorous fantasy novel “House of Prension” and the sci-fi parodies “Space Command and the Planet of the Bejewelled Concubines” and “Space Command and the Planets of Doom.” Henry’s other works include a variety of comedy screenplays (“Zak Bedford, Punk Detective”, “Inspirational Movie” and others) and numerous short prose pieces. His script work includes collaborations with the Tyrants in Therapy and Rajesh Golla, co-writer on “Devil’s Highway Blues”.



Thank you to Brian K. Henry for sharing his fun, creepy books with the world and for agreeing to my author interview! Make sure to check out these awesome books!



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