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Happy Monday lovelies!! I know most people don’t look forward to Mondays, so I have decided to start posting fun blog/book tags on these days to give you all something to look forward to!

Leave me a comment if you enjoy them and I will start tagging you!!

The Tag:


The Amsterdam Book Tag was created by the lovely The Writing Hufflepuff. Go check out her amazing blog, and make sure if you use these graphics that you credit her! These adorable tag graphics were made by Michelle, and though I could have created my own, I felt that these fit with the tag and needed to be seen and shown off.

Thank you to the awesome Blame Chocolate for tagging me! Go check out her amazing blog as well!



21494405                    I love cheese though!! Brian’s books are a good mix of cheesy and entertaining, like Ghostbusters!









I loved the creativity of using colors to describe music, and the book pages had beautiful, red text!



Selbourne is a little too persistent in courting Lady Helen!

I Tag:

Bri’s Book Blog / Maxxesbooktopia / Stephanie’s Book Reviews / The Bookish Libra / The Little Reading Blog / The Book Crunch / Kayy Reads / Boston Book Reader/ Keystroke Blog

And if I didn’t tag you and you would like to join, let me know and I will add you in the tags!

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45 thoughts on “The Amsterdam Book Tag

      1. Well, as a follower of John’s on YouTube I feel sort of like I know him. And I know that the book was inspired by a young lady named Esther who passed. So I assumed that Hazel would die and refused to become attached to her. So when it worked out differently I was mad at John for tricking me. I felt personally betrayed, lol. I bawled repeatedly during the movie, however.

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      2. I didn’t think the movie had anything to say the book didn’t. It was actually VERY close to the book, which is so unusual. Mostly I enjoyed it better because I allowed myself to emotionally connect to Hazel (now knowing she wasn’t going to die a tragic death) and because I am now a mom, and the mom was so well portrayed.

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  1. Amazing tag! So glad you did it 🙂 And kudos for finding out who the original creator was, I’ll definitely add her to my own post afterwards!
    Also, I love the graphics, they’re really cute!! *_*
    Thank you so much for the shout out ❤

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  2. I love your new picture! So cute! My blogging is decreasing a little because I’m going to focus on finishing this YA book I started! I’ll be around. You keep reading! Your blog is amazing! Such great reviews.

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  3. This is a great tag! Huge fan of The Fault in our Stars, and a lot of the books you have on here are on my TBR and shelves ( ❤ OwlCrate). I hope you enjoy your Monday book tags! 😁

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