Saturday Chaturday

Saturday Chaturday

Happy Saturday all!

It’s time for Saturday Chaturday, where I talk about updates, blog topics, and anything else I want to bring up, haha! I hope everyone is having a great weekend so far! Today I will begin by sharing one of my favorite songs/videos from one of my favorite artists. My husband and I will be seeing them in concert tomorrow, and I am so excited! We have seen them twice already (once at Coachella where we also got on tv), and were front row both times.

What is one of your favorite songs?


Blog Talk:

I follow A LOT of blogs, and I am amazed at the number of beautiful followers I have!

What I have been pondering is:

How do you feel about doing the same memes and weekly posts as everyone else?

How often do you like to see a blogger post (every day, 5 days a week, sporadically, 3 days a week, etc.)?

How often do you like to see promotional book tours, author interviews, non book related posts?

I really enjoy blogging, and right now I post tags on Mondays, book reviews, or book related posts, Tuesdays- Thursdays, and awards on Fridays. the last Saturday of each month will be my Saturday Chaturday post, and I am trying to decide which day, or days, to post my beauty reviews and Nu Skin Distributor business posts.

What are some things that turn you away from a blog?

And if you follow more than 300 bloggers, how do you keep up?

I would love to read your thoughts in the comments!


#ARCAugust and #TheReadingQuestUpdates:

I am pleased to say that I am finished with 4/5 of my intended ARC’s for #ARCAugust! You can find 3 of those reviews here:

The Ultimate Sacrifice / Cinderella Necromancer / The Future She Left Behind

1 Rose

As of last Saturday this was my progess for #TheReadingQuest:

So far, since the sign up, I have completed these books from the challenge TBR:

                    27419429                    32797615

That leaves me with 3 game pieces left on my Knight’s path, and the 4 bonus pieces.

Now, to get in to the EXP. and health Points:

All characters started off with 10 EXP. Each book completed adds an additional 10 EXP. which puts me at 30 EXP for now.

All characters began with 10 HP. Every 10 pages read gives you +1 HP. Between these 2 books, I have read 516 Pages (356 for the Gunslinger Girl ARC and 160 for the No Ordinary Star e-ARC). This means that I have 51 HP. Not a bad start in my opinion!

I am currently working on my 3rd book, and hoping to get through a 4th by the end of the weekend. I am also going to be starting my read along square book with the awesome Coffee Loving Bookaholic, so I am very excited about that!

How are your challenges coming along?


Life Updates:

Last Saturday I also talked about a life change I am rather excited about. I have become a distributor for Nu Skin Beauty and Health products. I will be adding a beauty review piece to my blog where I will be reviewing the products I sell, and other beauty products. I would love it if some of you took this journey with me. Here is my website link:

Anyone who places an order within the next week will be entered in to a drawing for a giveaway!

The blog tab will be called Darque Dreamer Does Beauty. I will keep it as a separate tab, so those that only wish to follow the bookish side of my blog can keep doing so! ❤

I you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask! I want this to be a comfortable place where we can talk about beauty, health, and cosmetics. Even if you are not interesting in purchasing anything from my site, I am completely open to all discussion, and look forward to hearing about your favorite health and beauty products!

Until I get this piece up and running, you can find product updates on my Facebook Page.


I am planning a couple giveaways very soon, both here, and my Instagram page. So keep an eye out for those!

What do you like to see in blog and Bookstagram giveaways?

Do you like rafflecopter, or do you like random number generators?


Let’s chat in the comments below!

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19 thoughts on “Saturday Chaturday

  1. sooo many questions! 😂 but first of all, thanks for the chaturday! 🤗
    have fun on the concert! still haven’t checked them out! 🙈
    i don’t think that it’s bad to do the same memes or tags than others. it’s always my choice and since it’s fun i am doing this for myself! i also like to see others opinions and choices. it’s nice to compare 🤗
    i don’t mind the frequency. i am always happy to read great posts, no matter when they are posted!
    i keep up during my waiting time. it means, when i am on the road or have some minutes to spare i always go through my feed. so far it’s been working out! 🤗
    congrats on the challenges and i am soooo looking forward to our readalong! 😍 (still have to prepare my post though 🙈)
    i don’t mind giveaways as long as they don’t request too many things. some giveaways are impossible to do. and of course us only giveaways suck 😜😂
    ok, i think i’m done talking now 😂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks!!

      I love doing tags, and some of the memes look fun but when a meme comes out I see it over and over and over and I just feel like I would get lost in it all, lol.

      So, when you enter a rafflecopter giveaway, what kinds of things annoy you?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. i only participated in one rafflecoper giveaway so far. or maybe two? not sure, but i thought that was ok.
        i was talking about instagram giveaways, where you have to do 3 posts, tag 20 people, leave comments and so on, just to participate. i stay away from that 😂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Lol. Good to know. I am trying to decide how to set up my giveaways. I have one giveaway sponsored by the author with a book and matching bookmarks. I want to do one giveaway with a book of my choice along with a book of the winner’s choice, and possibly one other giveaway. I was thinking of using rafflecopter for my blog.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I like to see like maybe one meme a week but I am OK with more. As long as the blog posts book reviews I am OK with it. I do not know how many blogs I follow but I check once in the mornings and once in the evening.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I like seeing memes and things because I like comparing answers and seeing which ones are common and who disagrees and such! And I have no idea how people keep up when they follow that many blogs! 🙈

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m still debating on doings the memes. They look fun, but it seems like I have seen a lot of the same answers lately.

      I am trying so hard to keep up, but sometimes it feels like I’m drowning. I want to follow everyone back!! 😦

      Liked by 1 person

  4. these are actually all REALLY GOOD questions for a blogger. :0

    Seeing the same weekly memes and tags as everyone is actually super fun, especially because the more popular book tags are easier to recognize.

    Also, the frequency of blog posts never bothers me!! Whatever works for the blogger, I guess! Though I do prefer less frequent but more thought out blog posts over the more frequent but rushed ones. Your blog posts are wonderful, though! 😊

    Personally, a blog that’s hard to read and navigate really turns me away from it. If the font is super small, or if the colors are all over the place (OR IF THE PERSON IS USING COMIC SANS OR CALIBRI ANYWHERE ON THEIR BLOG, OMG I HATE THOSE FONTS WITH A PASSION) I usually just leave. 😅

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks!!

      I’m glad to hear that you enjoy the memes, because if I decide to participate in any of them I want people to enjoy them instead of just seeing another blog do the same thing.

      I do try to put a lot of thought in my posts, and if I don’t feel like I can write a decent one, I won’t write it.

      You are cracking me up with the fonts. I do agree that if the font is too big or too small it can be very off-putting!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah, memes are actually so fun!! They also help you connect with new blogs. And I could totally tell that you put time and effort into your posts, they’re always a delight to read!! (And seriously, though.. FONT CHOICES MATTER. So much.)


  5. Doing the same popular memes brings you into contact with a lot of other bloggers and lets you connect with more people so I like it. I always visit these posts in people I follow. I do TTT and CWW but always visit weekend posts too. I have no preference in how often a blogger posts as I post a lot myself! TBH I hardly ever look at book tour or author interview posts unless that person or book really interests me. I prefer looking at reviews themselves on blogs and Goodreads. I read some film and tv reviews, book tags, discussion posts and posts about challenges or subjects I find interesting ie travel. I tend to avoid posts about sex, fashion, beauty, jewellery, children, cats, WIP, flash fiction etc as I just don’t have much to contribute on these subjects!

    The only things that turn me away from a blog are total lack of interaction with the blog owner and ihe person posts nothing I can relate to. ie if all reviews are contemporary and romance and there are no other posts I feel I can comment on. That’s never a reflection on the blog or blogger, just my personal taste!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much for your comment!! There are a few memes I am interested in, but I just worry that since they are done so often by so many people that bloggers would get tired of seeing them. But I also want to make sure the majority of my posts are book reviews. I do like to sign up for the occasional blog tour, for a book I am interested in, to get a little more exposure for my blog. I think in that way, I can focus on the popular books to draw in some followers, and then use my regular posts to give more exposure to Indie authors and lesser known books. I have been lucky enough to find a few book blog tour sites that offer lesser known books and authors for their tour, so I am thrilled about that, because I feel like that is a great goal for my blog, to help spread the word about books and authors that need more love! 🙂

      I completely agree about being turned away when the blog owner doesn’t interact. And I definitely try to avoid blogs that only review the same genre of books,


  6. Hmm. Right now my favourite songs would probably be ‘Counting Stars’, or ‘Something Wild’. Hope you have fun at your concert! I think my most favourite person to see in concert is Lindsey Stirling. She is so adorable.

    ‘Something Wild’ feature Lindsey. It’s beautiful.

    I can’t really comment on tags and memes because I’m just recently starting to socialise and network. I’m not very good at it because I’m an xtreme introvert >_< I don't mind seeing blog tours and promotions. Helps my lazy bum find new books, cause what I need it to add more books to my neverending TBR pile. I like hosting them to help fellow authors.

    I try to keep up with the blogs I follow, and to comment, and slowly add new people to follow. Often I feel overwhelmed in keeping up with things. I tire easy and don't have the spoons to do much :/ Broken bodies suck!

    Grats on your reading challenge progress! I'm reading Mask of Shadows now for my #ARCAugust challenge. Lovin’ it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I LOVE LINDSEY STIRLING!!! Funny story. My husband, mother, and I were in the San Diego area a while go visiting family and we went to the Carlsbad beach. I kept seeing this bouncy, adorable girl taking pictures with her friends and dancing around on the beach, and my husband and I agreed she looked familiar. When I got in line for the bathroom I saw her and it confirmed my suspicions! I got a picture with Lindsey Stirling and met her sister and they were both so sweet and beautiful!! If you look on my Instagram page, you will find the picture: darquedreamer.

      It’s totally okay if you can’t find something to comment about, but I promise you won’t be judged if you want to practice commenting on my posts to work on feeling more confident about it ❤

      It is difficult to keep up with a lot of bloggers. Hopefully you can find your groove!

      And thanks! The challenges are fun. I am glad you are enjoying Mask of Shadows!! I can't wait to see what you think when you finish!

      Liked by 1 person

  7. That’s so cool! Haha, she is very energetic. And talented. She an inspiration to me as I embark on learning the violin as an adult. Always wanted to, but never able as a child. Now it is my endeavour to build neuroplasticity. New things keeps the brain healthy.

    Liked by 1 person

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