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The Music Genre Book Tag

Happy Monday Tag Day all! Today I am doing the Music Genre Book Tag that I found on Jay’s blog at This Is My Truth Now. Go check out his awesome blog and read about his book writing journey! He has signed with a publisher and I am so happy for him!!


The Tag:


Celtic punk: Favorite Obscure Book/ A Book with a Non-Western Setting


Classical: Favorite Classic/ Book that Should Become a Classic


Soul/ R&B: A Powerful Book


Cover Songs (Original) : Favorite Retelling


Soundtrack: Favorite Book to Movie Adaptation/ Adapted Book 


Rock and Roll: An Action Packed Book


Pop: A Book with a Pretty Cover that You Lost Interest In


Reggae: Favorite Seasonal Book 


Country: A Historical Fiction Book That Wasn’t For You/ You Loved



 Feel free to do the tag everyone!

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52 thoughts on “The Music Genre Book Tag

  1. Oo I like that reggae has been paired with seasonal books! Reggae always reminds me of summers spent drinking cocktails in the sunshine.
    Whenever I see the term ‘seasonal books’, my brain automatically translates it into ‘feel good reads’…I’ve just read the synopsis for ‘The Summer That Melted Everything’ and I think my brain’s wrong in that assumption 😛
    Great choices!

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      1. I totally need to get my reading under control. I have 22 books on my shelf, which is basically now until 12/31. So I won’t let myself buy anything new except whatever wins my book bucket monthly poll. Either that or I’ll stop sleeping and read instead. 🙂

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  2. ooh I loved the Dark Days Club book! I thought it was so fun how they were hunting supernatural creatures in the 1800’s! Although the sequel was kind of a let down for me and I didn’t end up finishing it. Loved the music tag idea! Super fun post! 🙂

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