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The Princess Bride Book Tag

Monday Tag Day!

I found this fun tag on Reading With Rendz’s awesome blog! It is The Princess Bride Tag, so I knew I couldn’t resist!


The Tag:

Westley: Favorite Romantic Hero


Thomas Cresswell!

Princess Buttercup: Favorite Rags to Riches Story


Dread Pirate Roberts: Favorite Book With Pirates, or One You Want to Read


Prince Humperdink: Villain You Love to Hate, or One You Just Think is Funny


The Darkling

Rous: Best Fantastical Monster


A mix between a Nephilin and Vampire!

As You Wish: A Book With a Sweet Romance


Fezzick, Vezzini, and Montoya: Favorite Book Crime Group


Inigo Montoya: Best Revenge Story


Book Vs Movie: Which is Your Favorite? Both? Why?


A Little Princess is one of my favorite childhood books, but I loved the movie so much more because it had more imagination coming to life! I also enjoyed The Host, The Divergent Series, and The Princess Bride movies slightly more than the books. Most of the time I enjoy the books more, though.

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Anyone who wishes to do this fun tag is tagged!


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65 thoughts on “The Princess Bride Book Tag

  1. Confession…I’ve never read or watched The Princess Bride *sobs* I seriously have to correct this soon, it’s been on my list of things to watch for way too long lol. Loved your answer but I’m curious…when it comes to the Darkling lol, love/hate or did you find him funny? πŸ™‚

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  2. Ooh fun tag! Haven’t seen this one before. I’m reading Six of Crows now, actually, and I did like the Betsy Cornwell book I read, although I haven’t read that one. Love Princess Bride!!

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  4. OMG I love the Princess Bride!!! One of my all-time favorite movies (and the book was quite good too!) I’m definitely going to have to do this tag sometime next month this is awesome, and thanks for the book recs! The feels when I can’t think of any books that I’ve read with a crime group though. u_u;; I need to read Six of Crows sometime soon, just so many books on my shelf to get through first.

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  5. I’m a little embarrassed to admit that I haven’t read ANY of these books lol!!! I AM reading Six of Crows now though, I’m two chapters in and loving it! From this list I’ve officially added Stalking Jack The Ripper to my TBR WOW it looks awesome!

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