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Let’s Talk Eyelashes: Eyelash Treatment Review

Happy Saturday beauties!

Let’s talk about eyelashes today! How many of you are perfectly happy with the length and fullness of your eyelashes? I would guess not many. I have always had short, puny eyelashes myself. Mascara never seems to work, and falsies can look amazing, but can be such a pain to apply and wear! My eyelashes also tend to fall out when I rub my eyes.

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So, let’s talk about a product that I have been using called NuColour Nutriol Eyelash Treatment. It is an all natural eyelash serum that is applied liked mascara.

What does it do?

It lengthens, strengthens, and grows your eyelashes.

  • Conditions and protects delicate lashes.
  • Adds volume and thickness.
  • Defines and separates eyelashes.
  • Extends the wear of your mascara.
How does it work?

It includes a seaweed derivative containing copper, zinc, magnesium, and iron to help nourish your lashes. It can be used a brow styling gel (can even help tame and grow fine baby hairs on your hairline) and is perfectly safe for the eyes and use with lash extensions.

It can be applied daily, alone, or underneath your favorite mascara!

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I started using this product on September 7th of this year. I have to honestly say that I have accidentally gotten it in my eyes a few times and have not had any harmful reactions to it!

I took pictures from 3 different angles on the day I started using the product, and yesterday, September 22, to show my results so far. I have also forgotten to use the product several times, so these results are pretty amazing considering I have been applying the serum maybe 3-5 times a week only.

Lashes Front

Lashes 2


Lashes 3

The last picture comparison is where you can see the noticeable difference by comparing my lash length to the permanent crease underneath my eye.

Besides the noticeable growth, I have noticed that I am not coming away with lashes on my hands when I rub my eyes, and I have not had any lashes get caught in my eyes since starting this treatment.

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Review Thoughts:

I am excited to see my results as I continue the use of this product. It is easy to use, delivers incredible results in a short amount of time (this is 2 weeks without daily use), and does not burn or irritate the eyes. It is affordable, safe, and gentle. There is no spending $50-$200 each time you get lash extensions, and no spending $200 on the most raved about lash serum. This product not only works, but has multiple uses!

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Where can you find this?

You can purchase this amazing product from me directly by leaving a comment below, emailing me at, or through my NuSkin Distributor Website (Darque Dreamer Does Beauty) (make sure it says Adrienne at the top and at checkout).

For anyone interested in purchasing this, or the incredible toothpaste, you will automatically be entered in a drawing for a giveaway at the end of the month!

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Toothpaste Results Update:

Teeth Progression

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Thanks for reading and sorry for my funky shaped teeth, lol! I hope each one of you has an amazing weekend! Please let me know in the comments what you you think of my results, if you are interested in trying this product, if you have tried anything else, and if you have any tips or tricks you use with mascara!



30 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Eyelashes: Eyelash Treatment Review

    1. Thanks! I have had great results with this product so far! You will have to let me know if you would be interested in trying it and maybe reviewing it on your channel! Imagine what my lashes would look like if I had used it every day this last 2 weeks!

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      1. No the eyelashes are important LOL I know that many American uses extentions and some Europeans. I don’t but I feel like my lashes don’t grow as fast as before so I’m interested!!!

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      2. I just can’t see paying that much for the lash extensions and having to have them redone every 2-3 weeks, lol. Plus, for me, when I wear heavy eye-shadow, I would have to be super careful when taking it off if I had those lash extensions, you know?

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      3. Yes I guess. I’ve never tried them so far. I’m more of a “less is more” kind of girl as I’m always rushing and going to the swimming pool several times a week. I need my hair and make up to be super easy . Except when I’m going to work or going out and I have to be all dolled up LOL

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      4. Here is my distributor ID – US00943794, so if you go to make a purchase and my name, Adrienne, isn’t showing up somewhere you can enter that ID for me to get credit for the order. I love all the products I have tried so far: toothpaste, eyelash serum, body shower gel, Renu Hair Mask, and the Glacial Mud Mask.

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    1. I don’t believe sensitive eyes would have an issue since the ingredients are all natural, but here are the ingredients if that helps you decide:

      Tricalgoxyl®—conditions eyelashes while making them appear fuller and healthier.
      Essential minerals—copper, zinc, magnesium, iron, and silicon nourish your eyelashes for optimal growth and strength.

      I have gotten the serum in my eyes several times and have had no issues with burning or blurred vision. It would always be a good idea to try a little on your skin first to see if you have any issues, and apply it once on your lashes on a day where you can pay attention to see if you notice any side effects.

      Purchasing through my distributor website will allow for a 100% refund if the product is returned within 30 days if any issues do arise, and if you purchase it from me and I mail it to you I would give a 100% refund as well if you had any sensitivities to the product.


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