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Calendar Girls: Best Paranormal Nov

Wow! It’s that time again! It is Calendar Girls Post time!! This month’s theme is Best Paranormal Novel. So, before I get in to my top choice, here is a reminder of what this awesome group is all about:

Calendar Girls is a monthly book group, formed by Flavia and Melanie, inspired by the song Calendar Girl by Neil Sedaka. This lovely group votes on a monthly theme to center a blog post around (first Monday of the month) and then discusses these posts on Twitter about two weeks later (third Sunday of the month). If this sounds interesting to you, please give Melanie and Flavia a visit and let them know you would like to join!

P.s. Just because it’s called Calendar ‘Girls’ doesn’t mean only girls can join! 


Honestly, and surprisingly, I have not read many paranormal genre books. This means I only have one contender for this month.


It’s been several years since I have read this series, but I thoroughly enjoyed it (and hated the movie) and thought that it had a nice blend of supernatural, southern culture, and romance.


Best Paranormal Novel:

side+crop+of+paperback+image+TSTME (1)

Book Title: The Missing

Book Author: Jerico Lenk

Page Count: 320

Publishing Date: October 10th, 2017

Publisher:Month9 Books

Date Read: September 20th, 2017

Synopsis: Dark proclivities, excess, and outlandish curiosities prevail in 1890’s London. Around the city, a battle rages between the living and the dead. The Black Cross, tasked to keep the peace, are quickly losing ground.

Sixteen-year-old Willow Winchester, lives life as a boy called “Will” in his father’s house of distinguished ladies, all but invisible to the wealthy Londoners who frequent. It’s an easy ruse since his mother’s death left his father’s attention to fall upon business matters. But this isn’t his only secret.

When Will unwittingly becomes involved in a Black Cross ghost hunt, his uncanny ability to sense supernatural beings comes to light and the Black Cross wants him in their service. Suddenly, Will’s free to be himself.

But such freedom will come with a price, as Will fights for the acceptance of the only father he’s ever known.

Now, part of a team of misfits and unlikely allies, Will finds he isn’t the only one keeping secrets. Someone does not want him to uncover the truth about those who aren’t just missing from the world of the living, but missing from history itself.
Can he find the Missing before he ends up becoming one of them?

1 Rose

You can find my review here. This one was pretty awesome because it had a Stalking Jack The Ripper feel with elements of Supernatural and Ghost Adventures mixed in! I really enjoyed the fact that The Black Cross employed the use of scientific gadgets and mediums on their ghost investigations. This one was paranormal, but believable! The characters were pretty awesome and the ending twist was astounding!


side+crop+of+paperback+image+TSTME (1)

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26 thoughts on “Calendar Girls: Best Paranormal Nov

  1. Heeey! I spy the book I picked. 😉 But I’m with on this theme. I don’t read much paranormal so I honestly only had one book to pick from because the other paranormal I’ve read is so bad!!! >.< But perhaps I'll have to take a look into your choice, eh?? Ehh??? Hahaha!

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  2. Ooooh I haven’t heard of The Missing so far Adrienne! It seems interesting indeed. Beautiful creatures was my read years ago now. I liked it but did not fall in love with it. I was a rebel LOL

    Liked by 1 person

    1. When did you hear about it? Before or after the movie? The movie was pretty bad so I feel like it gave the books a bad rep. I think you would like The Missing and now I have to check out the Leviathan trilogy!


      1. WHen it first came out I think, if I remember correctly that’s when I was paging at the public library. The cover might have annoyed me because I kept seeing it when shelving? I can’t remember hahah. I heard the movie suffered from Eragon syndrome. I have added it to my list! The Leviathan series is fun it’s a steam/dieselpunk alternate history of World War I.

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  3. Hmmmm since Melanie’s pick and your contender were the same, I’m thinking that I really need to check out Beautiful Creatures, haha. As for your actual pick….I’ve never heard about it before! I am intrigued though (and am always so happy to learn about books that I never knew about, especially if my friends recommend them)! Thanks so much for sticking with us and with Calendar Girls 😀

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