Author Q & A

Author Q & A (Gunslinger girl by Lyndsay Ely)

The Book:

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Book Title: Gunslinger Girl

Book Author: Lyndsay Ely

Page Count: 432

Publishing Date: January 2nd, 2018

Publisher: Jimmy Patterson Books

Date Read: August 16th, 2017

Synopsis: Seventeen-year-old Serendipity “Pity” Jones inherited two things from her mother: a pair of six shooters and perfect aim. She’s been offered a life of fame and fortune in Cessation, a glittering city where lawlessness is a way of life. But the price she pays for her freedom may be too great….

In this extraordinary debut from Lyndsay Ely, the West is once again wild after a Second Civil War fractures the U.S. into a broken, dangerous land. Pity’s struggle against the dark and twisted underbelly of a corrupt city will haunt you long after the final bullet is shot.

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Author Q & A:

Me: When did you begin writing Gunslinger Girl?

Lynsday: Sometime in 2013, which I (unfortunately) only remember because I had just begun working through the first few chapters when the Boston Marathon bombing occurred. (I’d actually been away from the city on a writing weekend trip with some friends. We were on our way back home to Boston when we saw the news.)

Me: Did you have anything special you did when brainstorming character personalities?

Lyndsay: Not really. I did spend some time making lists of names I thought would work in the story, so sometimes the name influenced the character. Other times, a personality would form on its own and I’d search for a name to complement it.

Me: Was there a particular movie or television show that influenced the story?

Lyndsay: Ooh, probably a lot of them: The Quick & the Dead, Brisco County Jr., The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. Firefly was definitely and influence (though not in the ways you might think). Cowboy Bebop. I could go on….

Me: Do you see yourself more as Pity or Selene?

Lyndsay: Definitely more like Pity, though I often wish I could be as in control and influential as Selene.

Me: What is your all-time favorite movie?

Dangerous Liasons. Glenn Close and John Malkovich are so amazing. I don’t know how many times I’ve re-watched it at this point, but I still catch previously unnoticed nuances in their performances. It’s also a great movie to study for dialogue.

Me: Where did you draw inspiration from when creating Cessation and Casimir?

Lyndsay: Deadwood and Las Vegas, primarily. I loved the idea of lawless frontier towns, where the conventional rules of society didn’t necessarily exist. And I am a huge, huge fan of Las Vegas. I know some people get overwhelmed by the lights and noise and general excessiveness of it, but it leaves me feeling oddly calm.

Me: What was your favorite scene to write and why?

Lyndsay: Ooh, I don’t want to spoil anything so I’ll say the action scenes. It’s really fun to work out what each character is doing, where they are in relation to each other, how to make the scene move in the direction you want it to.

Me: What do you enjoy doing besides writing?

Lyndsay: I’m really into antiquing, going to flea markets, etc—it’s like treasure hunting! (And a great way to find inspirations for writing.) I primarily collect vintage and antique costume jewelry, but I’ll also pick up whatever random oddity happens to catch my eye.

I also love mixology because it makes me feel like a witch with her potions.

DividerAbout The Author:

side+crop+of+paperback+image+TSTME (1)Lyndsay Ely spent her teenage years wanting to be a comic book artist. As it turned out, she couldn’t draw very well, so she began writing novels instead. She is a geek, a foodie, and has never met an antique shop or flea market she didn’t like. Boston is the place she currently calls home, though she wouldn’t mind giving Paris a try someday. Gunslinger Girl is her debut novel.


side+crop+of+paperback+image+TSTME (1)

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