YA Book Review

The Prince by Nanishka Torres

The Book:

side+crop+of+paperback+image+TSTME (1)Book Title: The Prince (Fenrir Chronicles #1)

Book Author: Nanishka Torres

Page Count: 110

Publishing Date: August 8th, 2017

Publisher: Self Published

Date Read: November 16th, 2017

Synopsis: In the realm of Fenrir, the royal family reigns with peace and justice. Science and reason are the driving forces behind every diplomatic decision. Religion is not allowed in the political arena. 

Most people respect that decree. 

The radically religious group known as Staxeons do not. 

Prince Callum is diplomatic. That is until Staxeons kidnap the man he loves. Then he will do anything required to make sure he is returned safely. 

That includes seeking the help of the enemy. 

The world knows what Fenrir’s prince is capable of. 

The Staxeons are about to learn first hand.


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The Review:

The Prince is fast paced, action packed, and hard hitting! This one will keep you on the edge of your seat with unpredictable twists! For those who love short stories that feel like full length books, this one is for you!

I could not put this one down! For only being 110 pages, I felt like I read a 300+ paged book! This one had incredible world building and imagery. The writing was elegant, descriptive, and immersive! I felt like I was thrown in the middle of the fight, and the search for the Prince’s love!

Prince Callum was quite interesting to read. He truly loved his significant other, Lorkan, and his people. He was strong, brave, and determined. He also had a bit of darkness and intrigue to him.

I enjoyed the world Torres created. It was modern, but held an old world charm, and a bit of magic. The story was very entertaining, and I did not see the plot twists coming at all. My only critiques for this one were that I would have liked to have “point of view” names at the beginning of the chapters, and I would have liked a touch more character development. Other than that, it was a fun, exciting read, and the “points of view” were not hard to figure out after a few sentences.

I think this was very well written. It had a little humor, lots of action, a little passion, and plenty of shocking moments. The writing style was descriptive and captivating, and the plot really hooked me. I cannot wait to read more from this author! I would rate it 4.5 stars (or 5 faeries).


Thank you to Black Chateau for providing me with this free copy in exchange for my honest review!

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