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Our Guardian Renegade by Harley Zed Mona

The Book:

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Book Title: Our Guardian Renegade

Book Author: Harley Zed Mona

Page Count: 438

Publishing Date: December 5th, 2017

Publisher: Self Published

Date Read: December 15th, 2017

Synopsis: The world of Senia has descended into chaos since its most powerful influences abandoned it. A lawless landscape known as the Borderlands has taken over much of the world, save for a few city-states scattered about. Two of the most powerful, White Heart and Avalon, now find themselves preparing for war with one another.

The sanctuary of White Heart seeks to give escape to its citizens from the savageness of the Borderlands. However, the Syndicate Empire of Avalon believes that true peace on Senia can only be achieved through the existence of only one society, and seeks to unite the world by conquering and assimilating any that oppose them. 

In light of this approaching threat, a White Heart general, Amber Leavett, is green-lighted to form a special-ops unit comprised of the best of the best, dedicated to protecting the people of the sanctuary city-state with their lives. Together, they become the inseparable, indomitable Guardians. 

Far away, the leader of their opposing empire, a man by the name of Boss Gareth, rallies his troops. Tensions arise between his two heirs, however; the first, Jade, a fierce protector raised in the desert, hols her conservative syndicate views close as she struggles against the other heir, a cruel, power-hungry manipulator known as Reynard. 

Drawing in a huge cast of other vivid characters and factions into the fray Our Guardian Renegade holds no shortage of unique and fascinating stories of intertwined fates to tell, and it delves deep into themes of society, race, gender and sexuality. it is a fast-pace cinematically driven read, in which every character is involved in the conflicts taking place in the massive world of Senia.

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The Review:

Our Guardian Renegade is an intense, action packed adventure! This one is full of danger, mayhem, fun, and excitement! If you love superheros, comic books, and video games, you will love this one!

Guys, I have to make it known that the writer is only 16 years old!! WOW! Color me impressed, because this fast paced, action novel was hard hitting and exciting! I cannot believe this was written by a 16 year old! I loved every minute of it!

Our Guardian Renegade hit the ground running from page one! Mona did a fantastic job with building a captivating plot that felt like a mix between a comic book story and a video game plot. It was fascinating and full of depth and intrigue!

And, speaking of depth and intrigue, the characters he created were astounding and highly developed. The beginning of the book introduced us to each guardian and gave us a glimpse of their physical appearances and personalities. As the story went on, each character was further developed and their back stories were given to us in a way that fit nicely in the plot and made me become invested in each one!

Let’s not forget the highly intricate world building that Mona did. Senia and Avalon were so well described. I felt like I was seeing the world illustrated in my mind. Along with the diverse groups of characters, world history, and societal issues introduced here, the whole of the world flashed through my mind like I was reading a comic book!

The writing was gripping. The plot was exciting and fast paced, and the characters were so fun! I loved the danger, betrayal, and bloody fight scenes, and I enjoyed the diversity! I would recommend this to anyone who loves comic book and video game inspired novels. I would recommend this to anyone who loves a well written, exciting YA novel with lots of action and murder! 4.5 Stars!


Thank you to Black Chateau for sending me this free ARC in exchange for my honest review!

Content warning for language, violence, and mild sexual content.

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Mood Song:

Notice I kept saying the word “mayhem?” It is because Mayhem by Halestorm kept playing in my head while I read this book. Enjoy! 🤘

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