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Faerie Tale Friday: Cinderella and the Colonel by K.M. Shea (Timeless Fairy Tales #3)

The Book:

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Book Title: Cinderella and the Colonel

Book Author: K.M. Shea

Page Count: 316

Publishing Date: July 8th, 2014

Publisher: Amazon Digital Services

Date Read: December 21st, 2017

Synopsis: Scratching out a living in a land recovering from war and a hostile takeover, Cinderella—an orphaned, destitute duchess—is desperate to save her lands and servants in spite of the terrible taxes placed upon her by the Erlauf queen, even if it means she must don servants’ clothes and work like a commoner.

Her sacrifices aren’t enough, and when a mountain of debt is levied against her, she is given one season to produce the funds. Cinderella realizes it is only a matter of time before she loses everything she has struggled to protect, and it seems that all is lost until she is befriended by the debonair Colonel Friedrich—a member of the Erlauf military and a citizen of the oppressing country that rules her homeland.

From helping her break into the royal library to saving her from a rogue mage, Friedrich draws her closer and challenges her mindset of the queen and the war.

Cinderella knows Friedrich is not all he appears to be, but can she trust him with her country and her heart?

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The Original Faerie Tale:

The original tale of Cinderella, or the Little Glass Slipper was written in 1634 by Giambattista Basile, and published in Italy. The most popular version was published by Charles Perrault in 1697, and later adapted by the Brothers Grimm in 1812.

Fun fact: The story of Rhodopis, which is about a Greek slave who marries the Egyptian king is thought to be the earliest form of the story!

You can read Basiles version here, and Perrault’s version here.

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The Review:

Cinderella and the Colonel is a refreshing twist on a classic tale. It has historical charm, humor, romance, and magic. Shea’s Timeless Fairy Tales get better and better with each addition!

I really loved the wit and charm that this one had to offer. It reminded me a little of the movie Ever After with its historical world feel and the sense of friendship between Cinderella and her servants. It had several refreshing twists compared to the usual retellings of the tale, and had a few surprising moments that fit in with the predictable faerie tale bits.

I loved the way that this one was written to make me feel the oppression of the people of the kingdom from the Queen’s taxes. I was drawn in to the world and the story. I found myself smiling, laughing, and even shedding a tear at a beautiful moment toward the end. The plot was captivating and enchanting, and the writing was elegant and descriptive, as always.

I really loved this version of Cinderella, too. She was very strong and independent, but had a soft, emotional side to her as well. She was fierce and determined to keep her servants employed and keep her household running. She was witty and intelligent, and very caring and kind. I think she paired quite well with her “prince charming.”

Colonel Friedrich was very well written. He had a little bit of mystery, but also wore his heart on his sleeve. He was charming, humorous, and intriguing. He definitely strayed from the “normal prince charming,” but in an entertaining way.

I fell in love with the underlying moral of forgiveness and empathy that was elegantly laced throughout the tale. I enjoyed the political involvement entwined in the tale and the tie ins to the first two Timeless Fairy Tales. There was even a beautiful twist involving the “step-family” that was so classic Shea.


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Ever After:

There have been numerous retellings and movies made, but my favorite Cinderella movie, and retelling, of all time will forever be Ever After!

Have you seen this version? I think it is beautiful, witty, and daring. It has historical charm, humor, and gypsies! It definitely stands out as far as retellings go, and I always love watching it!

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What is your favorite retelling?

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The lovely, talented Miss Fluff has graciously agreed to allow me to share her gorgeous pin up faeries on my blog. So, when I feel like one of her beauties fits a tale, I will share it at the end. Make sure to visit her site and society 6 shop!
P.S. She makes mermaids and regular pin up girl art too!

Miss Fluff / Shop / Society6

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  1. I love a good retelling and this one sounds pretty good… it’s been a long time since I’ve seen Ever After and now I want to see it again lol. I will definitely be doing that after the holidays because right now the house is being filled with Christmas movies😜

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