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;Recovery by Jasmine Smith

The Book:

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Book Title: ;Recovery

Book Author: Jasmine Smith

Page Count: 107

Publishing Date: May 30th, 2017

Publisher: Self Published

Date Read: December 26th, 2017

Synopsis: A collection of modern poetry surrounding the most vulnerable time – post-breakup. follow the journey of hurt on the road to recovery.


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Mini Review:

;Recovery is a beautiful, sorrowful expression of heart-wrenching emotions felt during a time that many of us have encountered in our lives. Jasmine has opened her heart and soul with sharing her thoughts and feelings in elegant prose. Collections like these help us see that we are never alone when it comes to devastating breakups, and times when we feel overwhelming emotion and depression.

This collection is a must read for anyone that has been through, or is going through, situations like these. Poetry isn’t always about rhyme and form. Jasmine’s poetry is simple, yet emotional and powerful. It is relate-able and intense. I just love Jasmine’s courage in publishing this. It shows how therapeutic it can be to write down your emotions. And, though I admire the beauty, power and intensity found in the more sorrowful poems, I also love the positive, upliftings verses at the end. Those show strength, courage, and of course, recovery.


Thank you to the author for sending me this free e-copy in exchange for my honest review.

A few of these poems do address depression and thoughts of suicide, so please, please, talk to someone ( or visit if you ever experience these thoughts. You are not alone.

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4 thoughts on “;Recovery by Jasmine Smith

    1. I couldn’t agree more! It was so raw and powerful. Just like love, & you by Gretchen Gomez. It takes courage to share these poems, and I think it could be really helpful for people in those situations to know they are not alone and to see how therapeutic writing is.

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