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Faerie Tale Friday: Puss In Boots by K.M. Shea (Timeless Fairy Tales #6)

The Book:

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Book Title: Puss In Boots

Book Author: K.M. Shea

Page Count: 240

Publishing Date: August 4th, 2015

Publisher: Self Published

Date Read: January 11th, 2018

Synopsis: Though she dreams of adventure, Gabrielle—a peasant girl—is given only a cat for her inheritance and is told she must marry, immediately. So when the cat, Puss, offers her a life of excitement in exchange for a pair of boots, Gabrielle jumps at the opportunity. Through Puss’s cunning and Gabrielle’s good deeds, they become celebrated heroes in small villages across the country.

Their adventurous life is complicated by Prince Steffen—a handsome prince who has a low opinion of love. He befriends Gabrielle and comes to grudgingly respect Puss as they work together to purge monsters and brigands from the countryside.

Disaster strikes when Steffen realizes his growing feelings for Gabrielle, and Puss and Gabrielle fight the evil ogre who rules the lands of Carabas. Can Gabrielle save Carabas? Will Steffen accept his feelings for her before it is too late?

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The Original Faerie Tale:

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Book Title: The Facetious Nights of Straparola

Faerie Tale Title:  Il gatto con gli stivali;

French Retelling: Le Maître chat ou le Chat botté

Translation: “The Cat in Boots,” “Master Cat, or The Booted Cat”

Book Author:  Giovanni Francesco Straparola

French Author: Charles Perrault

Publishing Dates: (c. 1550–53); 1697

Plot: The tale opens with the third and youngest son of a miller receiving his inheritance—a cat. At first, the youngest son laments, as the eldest brother gains the mill, and the middle brother gets the mules. The feline is no ordinary cat, however, but one who requests and receives a pair of boots. Determined to make his master’s fortune, the cat bags a rabbit in the forest and presents it to the king as a gift from his master, the fictional Marquis of Carabas. The cat continues making gifts of game to the king for several months, for which he is rewarded. 

Puss meets the ogre in a nineteenth-century illustration by Gustave Doré

One day, the king decides to take a drive with his daughter. The cat persuades his master to remove his clothes and enter the river which their carriage passes. The cat disposes of his master’s clothing beneath a rock. As the royal coach nears, the cat begins calling for help in great distress. When the king stops to investigate, the cat tells him that his master the Marquis has been bathing in the river and robbed of his clothing. The king has the young man brought from the river, dressed in a splendid suit of clothes, and seated in the coach with his daughter, who falls in love with him at once.

The cat hurries ahead of the coach, ordering the country folk along the road to tell the king that the land belongs to the “Marquis of Carabas”, saying that if they do not he will cut them into mincemeat. The cat then happens upon a castle inhabited by an ogre who is capable of transforming himself into a number of creatures. The ogre displays his ability by changing into a lion, frightening the cat, who then tricks the ogre into changing into a mouse. The cat then pounces upon the mouse and devours it. The king arrives at the castle that formerly belonged to the ogre, and, impressed with the bogus Marquis and his estate, gives the lad the princess in marriage. Thereafter, the cat enjoys life as a great lord who runs after mice only for his own amusement.

The tale is followed immediately by two morals: “one stresses the importance of possessing industrie and savoir faire while the other extols the virtues of dress, countenance, and youth to win the heart of a princess.” The Italian translation by Carlo Collodi notes that the tale gives useful advice if you happen to be a cat or a Marquis of Carabas.

This is the theme in France, but other versions of this theme exist in Asia, Africa, and South America. (plot via wikipedia).


The version we are most familiar with is Charles Perrault’s Le Maître chat ou le Chat botté.


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The Review:

Puss In Boots is a jolly good time! This one is full of humor, wit, and daring adventures! For a faerie tale that will warm your heart and keep you laughing, look no further!

I couldn’t remember if I had ever read the original tale, but certain aspects of the story felt familiar, so I must have read a version at some point or watched an animated version when I was young. Either way, I’d have to say this was my favorite! This tale had such life and wildness to it!

Puss In Boots by K.M. Shea was so fun to read! I loved the feel of the story, and the originality it had. It had some nice twists and unexpected enjoyable moments, and it was just so vivacious!

As a stand alone, it was well developed as far as the world building and characters are concerned. But, as part of the whole Timeless Fairy Tales series, it was astoundingly detailed, and has moved to my new favorite of the tales!! I loved the detail in the world and how it connected to past tales. I loved the quirky, witty characters and how they fit so well in to the amazing, fantasy world!

Gabrielle has become my new favorite character! She was charming, witty, brave, and independent. She was strong and kind and incredibly kick ass! I loved her wildness and sense of adventure!

Puss was so hilarious to read! I loved his magical abilities, and his sassy personality! I loved his courage and his love for Gabrielle, and I laughed way too much at his sarcasm!!

I also really enjoyed getting to know Prince Steffen and King Henrik better! Both of their characters were quite regal, but each had a big heart. Steffen was devilishly handsome and quite entertaining, and I loved how we saw King Henrik’s agreeable personality!

I had read a post from a blogger once who stated that it was not possible for someone to love every single book they read from one author. I believe my Faerie Tale Friday posts have proven that blogger wrong. I have loved every single book I’ve read from K.M. Shea so far! This one has moved in to my new favorite spot. It was beautiful, charming, quirky, and wild! It had heart and soul and carried Shea’s themes of strong, uplifting women and the importance of developed love (not love at first sight) and family/friend love!


Thank you to the author for sending me this free e-copy in exchange for my honest review, and as part of my Faerie Tale Friday posts.

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As if sensing her indecision, the cat continued. “You said you cannot be happy with the life set before you- I assume you mean marrying whatever thuggish, slow-minded man who carries you off ass his bride. What is it that you seek?”

“Adventure,” Gabrielle said, the word heavy with reverence.

“You wish to rescue damsels in distress?”

“No. I want excitement. I want to sailing the ocean and touch a unicorn.” She tucked the cat against her chest, so he no longer dangled. “I want to meet pirates, see elves, and dance to the enchanted music of Torrens. I want to experience life!”

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Movie Mood:

If you are looking for some good movies with a similar feel to this amazing retelling, I’ve made a list for you! Some of these were running through my head as I read!

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Bonus Song:

This song played in my head while I read too. It holds the wild spirit of Gabrielle and her adventures!

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Puss in Boots Faerie

Today I chose a drawing I found on Google from Miss Fluff. I had to add some wings to the lovely lady, but this picture captures the spirit of the story!

Miss Fluff / Shop / Society6

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11 thoughts on “Faerie Tale Friday: Puss In Boots by K.M. Shea (Timeless Fairy Tales #6)

  1. Shea’s book sounds fun! I added it to my TBR mountain 😆

    Dude…. Why would someone say it’s not possible to love everything an author has written? That’s hijacking my own opinion… And I disagree! I love everything by RA Salvatore.

    Also- Willow!!!! I was just thinking about rewatching this the other day. How synchronistic. But you didn’t mention Puss-in-Boots from Shrek! The cutest Puss ever 😄

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You should read all of her books, haha! I love them!

      And, I know right! I had read that person’s post and was like, nope, wrong. It is totally possible to love every single book from one author!!

      Willow is one of my favs! Happy watching! And, I thought about mentioning him, but I’ve only seen a few scenes with him, lol.

      Liked by 1 person

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