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Lose Me by M.C Frank + Author Hosted GIVEAWAY

The Book:

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Book Title: Lose Me

Book Author: M.C. Frank

Page Count: 387

Publishing Date: April 11th, 2017

Publisher: Self Published

Date Read: February 1st, 2018

Synopsis: Jane Austen meets K-drama in this compulsively readable romance.

“Today is not the day I die.” 

Ari Demos starts every day with this thought. Fresh out of high school, she’s landed a coveted role as a stunt double in a new Pride and Prejudice adaptation starring the Hollywood phenomenon Weston Spencer. But this job isn’t going to be easy: Ari will be performing complicated water stunts and driving fast cars along the narrow cliffs of Corfu. One false step and she could lose not only her job, but her life. 

And then Wes Spencer, Mr Darcy himself, arrives in Greece. He’s got dirty blonde hair, a mile-long yacht and a bored look on that gorgeous face. Ari wants nothing to do with the rich actor boy, but on the day she meets him, she has an accident. One that almost claims her life. And now she can’t hide from the truth any longer. 

She might be much closer to losing everything than she thought. She might be dying. And the British actor is the last person she’d expect to save her life. 

She’s a hard-working island girl. He’s adored by millions. Falling in love was never supposed to be a part of the job. Staying alive was never supposed to be a part of growing up. 

Was this story ever meant for a happily ever after?

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The Review:

Lose Me is emotional, addictive, and beautiful. It will have your soul singing and your heart beating! For fans of powerful contemporary novels with dynamic characters, prepare to lose yourself in Lose Me!

I had to wait an entire 24 hours before writing this review. Why? Because I could not put in to words how much I adored this book! I still don’t believe I’ll be able to do it justice, but let’s give it a go!

Lose Me was profoundly emotional. It spoke to my soul lyrically and metaphorically about love, life, and serendipity. It was captivating, heart pounding, and intensely moving.

A book blogger named Claire described this book as “candy for Jane Austen fans,” and I couldn’t agree more. It had the allure, the sweet enjoyment, and the bittersweet end. It also spoke on a powerful level about, not only the author’s love for Pride and Prejudice but, the aspects of the classic that fans have been truly passionate about.

M.C. Frank captured the essence of a classic tale that millions have grown to love, while adding her own unique charm and magnificence to the story. As this was not a retelling of the tale, but a story that flourished from its inspiration. It was also a story within a story.

The main characters were fated to meet while working on a modern day movie retelling of Pride and Prejudice. It was serendipity at its finest, but also destiny hard at work. The result was a story that mirrored the classic tale in emotion, life lessons, and humor. It was as if Wes and Ari were modern day Darcy and Elizabeth themselves.

Ari was an incredibly powerful character. She was strong, fierce, kind, and full of life. She was a symbol of pride, power, inner struggle, and never giving up. She has forced her way in to my heart and has become one of my favorite main characters.

Wes was the insanely handsome, arrogant, bad boy I could not get out of my head. He spoke to me on so many levels, and had such depth and character. He represented pride, prejudice, change, and falling hard.

I also felt that I had to mention Ollie, Wes’s best friend, and Ari’s dad. Ollie was sweet and caring. He was strikingly different from Wes and Ari, but fiercely loyal and lovable. And, Ari’s dad was one of my favorite characters. His relationship with Ari was beautiful and powerful. He was the supportive, cool parent everyone wished they had in high school!

This book was stunningly multi-faceted. It had vivid imagery, vivaciously dynamic characters, and a page turning plot. It not only made me add visiting Greece to my bucket list, but had me yearning to watch My Big Fat Greek Wedding 1 and 2 because of the amazing family dynamics that were woven in. It held love, heartache, friendship, family, drama, and emotional life lessons. It also spoke on the importance of finding yourself before fully losing yourself to another.


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Aesthetic Boards:

Untitled design (19).jpg

I made this aesthetic board to represent the beautiful book, and the struggle between Wes and Ari.


This beauty was made by Alina at tea-books-lover!


And this lovely was created by Janella at The Purple Nightingale!

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I hope you all are excited, not only about this beautiful story and couple but, for an amazing giveaway hosted by the talented author, M.C. Frank!!

In celebration of Valentine’s Day, M.C. Frank is hosting a couples themed giveaway, from now until the end of February!

M.C has written some amazing couples: Ari + Wes from Lose Me, Beatrice + Dominic from Ruined, and Astra + Felix from No Ordinary Star. Wouldn’t you love to meet them?

Entries are for a chance to win a book of your choice up to $15 USD from Book Depository.

Here’s the run down of the rules:

1. You must follow all the steps to make sure you get your entries!

2. Reblog this Tumblr post –> GIVEAWAY

3. Tag at least 3 readers when you reblog.

4. Follow @mcfrankauthor!!

5. And that’s it! You’ve entered. You can repeat steps 2 and 3 every day. And, if you do not have Tumblr, make sure you read the whole post for Twitter and Instagram entry instructions!  

Winners will be chosen on March 1st!

Let’s celebrate beautiful writing, amazing couples, and a hard working Indie author by spreading the word!

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