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Saturday Chaturday: Influenced Reading Discussion

Happy Saturday all!

As many of you know, a while back I implemented my Saturday Chaturday posts on the last Saturday of each month. These posts were meant to be a catch all type deal for recaps, future posts, and discussions. What I decided to do now is post these whenever I do not have a beauty review to post. So I would love for you all to chat with me!

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Does what you read influence how you feel about future reads?

What I mean by this is, if you have read a lot of sci-fi, do you judge new sci-fi harshly? If you have read a few slow burning romances, do you now steer clear of “insta-love” stories? Does reading many books in one particular genre, or with certain tropes, shape how we feel about future reads, and new authors and stories?

Example: I remember falling in love with the Twilight series 10 years ago. It seemed “romantic” that Bella had a vampire stalker, and there was an instant pull between them. I look back at it now and cringe. What was I thinking? I recently read Shiver, which many have compared to Twilight, and was not impressed. I felt that the relationship was too instant, and was very obsessive and unhealthy. The beginning of last year I remember enjoying a few insta-love stories, but lately I’ve read several books that have involved slowly developed relationships. These relationships have taken time and have been built on depth, and the love that comes from truly getting to know a person. Now I can’t even fathom enjoying another insta-love story.

Will this change? Am I feeling like this because I have read so many of those types of books lately? Will I enjoy insta-love again if I wait long enough?

What about you?

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23 thoughts on “Saturday Chaturday: Influenced Reading Discussion

  1. I’ve read a lot of instalove stories and it’s not something I like exactly but I enjoy the book as long as there is strong subplots to carry the book. The thing with romance is we know from the very beginning that the main characters are going to get together and I guess sometimes an author doesn’t see the point in dragging it out. I really dislike instalove in young adult books especially if it’s a series… I think it would be better for younger people to see someone have more than one significant relationship and go through heartbreak because they will most likely experience that themselves.

    I think a slow burn relationship works great in a series. The Kate Daniels series by Ilona Andrews is a great example of this. Kate meets her boyfriend in the first book but they do not begin a relationship until the 4th or 5th book and we see them get to know one another and fight for one another.

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    1. I’ve read a lot too, and at first, they didn’t really bother me. I tend to stay away from romance books a lot though because I am not a big fan of heavy sex scenes. And, now that I am thinking on it, the insta love ya books really don’t teach our young adults any good ideals. A lot of them have the insta love and then the sex scenes, and its kind of sad that there aren’t more low burn romances with minimal sex.

      I may have to look up that series if its not heavy in the graphic sex department. I think that is awesome that it takes them that long to get to know each other and then get together.


      1. Right. And I know many people enjoyed those, but I feel like that is its own separate genre. I think if the graphic sex stayed in that genre it would be fine. Same thing with movies. Lol. People know where they can go if they want to see graphic sex.

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  2. I actually liked twilight too when I first read it! It was my first supernatural romance so I was drawn to sparkly vampires and wolves. Now, I’ve read a lots of books about shifters, and ‘mating bond’ pairs and supernatural couples that I’ve been feeling a lil bit bored. But some do stand out and I end up loving them for different reasons. Some because I like how the author brought the couple together even tho we know they’re sure to happen. Or the world building and concept / theme of the book. Sometimes it’s because of the author’s writing style, or the characters themselves that makes me stay. And some do have more to it than the romance, so I guess you can say that I’m still giving the trope(?) -instalove- the benefit of the doubt.

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    1. I think the insta love thing can really work if the author has taken the time to flesh it out and explain why it happened. I had a conversation with someone about insta love and werewolf stories. She mentioned that the main character is usually drawn to the wolf due to the alpha male complex and that there is usually a supernatural draw. I feel like that is a good reason, if it is shown. The Night Realm involved incubi, which did a great job explaining that instant attraction trope. I remember devouring Twilight and not thinking anything else about it, but now I can’t remember if that insta love pull was described in a way that showed that Edward’s vampire powers pulled Bella in.

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  3. For sure! What I read definitely influences my future reading. Like Percy Jackson series made me instantly fall in love with mythology. There are so many book out there each providing various stories based on mythology that I can’t get over it. And there was opposite effect after reading Time Traveler’s Wife. I felt like just don’t want to read time travel books for few time period. Nice post! 🙂

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  4. I used to read a lot of YA paranormal and dystopian but got very tired off the same tropes-insta-luv, love triangles, mean girls at school, mysterious new hot guy…the stories became less about the plot and all about teen angst and lurve. Book after book was a rehash of Twilight with poor characters, slow plot and wall to wall tropes. I was finding one good book out of 30 or 40 bad ones and decided to give up. Now, only a fabulous sounding plot will get me to pick up a YA and if the blurb has those tropes, I avoid the book whether it is YA, NA or adult!

    On the opposite side, as soon as I read fast action prepper apocalypse, pandemic, monster horror and zombie books it made me crave that kind of read even more. Now I get bored if the action doesn’t crack on straight away!

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    1. I definitely don’t blame you. So, reading tons of that genre has definitely jaded you a bit. I feel like I am getting there. If only most of these authors thought to explain why the insta love existed in their books. Like explaining the alpha male pull of a werewolf or the supernatural force emanating off a vampire.

      I do love your reviews on the apocalypse/zombie books. I am craving those now too. So, it would be interesting to see how you feel about that genre after reading as much of you as you did the paranormal genre.


  5. Great question! My reading choices are definitely influenced by what I’ve recently read. I’m on a bit of a psychological thriller bender, but after a few of those, I will move on. I definitely jump around, but I don’t read much science fiction. As for Twilight, I definitely got pulled in! I think there are lots of reasons to read, and sometimes pure enjoyment of a forgettable book is a lot of fun! Happy Chaturday!

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    1. I can totally relate. I am working through the Veronica Speedwell books at the moment and hoping I don’t get burnt out afterward. Twilight was definitely one of those pure enjoyment reads that I binged and devoured, but it is interesting to look back and re-evaluate the story and imagine how it would feel upon re-read. Happy Chaturday to you! ❤

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  6. I feel like the more you read in a certain genre, the less unique the books start to seem, and the harder it is for them to impress. And the more I read about a certain trope, usually I eventually end up tired of it unless it’s really done well. And eventually I might just start to avoid it. So yes, I think what I read definitely influences future reads!

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  7. OK very interetsing discussion here. I tend to read “in wave”. What I mean is that many years ago I read tons of historical fiction with or without romance. Then I outgrew the genre (I don’t know why) and read thriller. Some years after I moved to romance and YA. I think we can become fed up with a genre if we are reading too much of the same trop in a row. That’s why I now switch between adult, NA, YA, contemporary, Fantasy, sweet, dark, etc. So yes I think we are influenced by our past reads.

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    1. Great point and example Sophie! I can see how reading the same genre for that long could make you tried of it. I think it is great that you switch things up often to prevent that. I love that we have enough genres to choose from that we can do that!


  8. I started to write a comment about how I feel the more I read & the more I use Twitter, the more critical I become of the books I read, but it ended up turning into a messy draft of a possible blog post so I saved it separately from this comment. I’m now considering what more I could say about this topic so I’ll be sure to tag you in the post, as my inspiration, if I do turn that draft into something presentable.

    Anyway, to answer your question in a short way – yes, I think what I read now will influence my future reads, as I learn something new about discrimination or history from everything I read & this impacts what I see as enjoyable & damn right offensive.


    1. I am looking forward to that post!

      I think you have touched on a great subject here. Now is the time that these issues are coming up more too, so it would be interesting to look back at how the books we are currently reading will have shaped our tastes in the future.

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