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Leaping Wolf by J.P. Harker (Caledon Saga #2)

The Book:

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Book Title: Leaping Wolf

Book Author: J.P. Harker

Page Count: 604

Publishing Date: June 9th, 2017

Publisher: JPH

Date Read: February 14th, 2018

Synopsis: Lepidus is defeated and Rhianwyn’s precious Caledon is at peace, but still Gawan of the Gorvicae is troubled. What future is there for men like him in a world with no more need for warriors? With his tribe saved he knows that he ought to be contented, but more and more he finds himself dwelling on his past, and the life he abandoned for what he thought was a greater duty. Though amends for that will have to wait as, even as the alliance of tribes is formed, the Caledon seems ready to collapse. Rhianwyn is struggling for control, Gawan’s own tribe is leaderless, and with unexpected enemies arising from the south, Gawan suspects the time for warriors may not be over yet… 


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The Review:

Leaping Wolf blazes with ferocity. It holds death, betrayal and intensely powerful emotion. With the heart of a wildcat, and the soul of a wolf, this one is the embodiment of war, friendship, and honor.

Have you ever looked at a big book and felt intimidation and fear? Intimidation from the size, and fear that, once you start reading, you would become lost to everything around you. These are the emotions I felt as I looked at Leaping Wolf, but when I finished it, my soul was quenched and I was kicking myself for having waited so long to read it!

Leaping Wolf had power and passion. It spoke of love, loss, fear, and redemption. It was an intense story about the emotional side of peace, war, and loyalty.

I absolutely devoured it! My heart was pounding the entire time! I found myself lost in the depth of the world that Harker has created and became emotionally attached to the characters.

I had enjoyed book 1, Wildcat, and I had fallen in love with Rhia, and her ferocious spirit and bravery. I found myself still admiring her, but my heart has now been stolen by Gawan. As this book focused more on his role as First Man in his tribe. I saw how conflicted he was with his love for battle, and his honor. He was as fierce as Rhia, and yet, he carried more guilt and anger. But, I also loved how Rhia’s intensity still shined. The fact that entire tribes of men were intimidated by her was so empowering!

This story was incredibly well written. It had the astounding amount of mythology and world building that Wildcat did, but it just seemed to offer even more. I found myself turning page after page with excitement, and by the end of the book I was talking out loud as if I were watching an intense movie! Harker not only wrote emotionally profound characters, but he threw in intense battle scenes and plot twists that had me on the edge of my seat!

This one had everything I love in an action fantasy! It had murder, mayhem, passion, and depth. The world and the battles were described so vividly. The characters were so dynamic, and I never felt like I was missing anything from their story lines because Harker added in reminders from Wildcat while keeping the flow of Leaping Wolf going. Hands down, this was a damn good 5 star read!


Thank you to the author for sending me this free copy in exchange for my honest review!

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Book 1:

side+crop+of+paperback+image+TSTME (1)Book Title: Wildcat

Book Author: J.P. Harker

Page Count: 552

Publishing Date: September 4th, 2016

Publisher: JPH

Date Read: November 26th, 2017

Synopsis: Rhianwyn of the Caderyn is conflicted about giving up a warrior’s life to become a wife and mother, but her love for her new husband is enough to at least make her consider it. However, with the conquering Gaians moving ever closer to her homeland a peaceful life may no longer be an option, for Rhia or for any of her people. With rival tribes, old suitors, and the dangerous General Lepidus to contend with, Rhia soon finds her new family in unprecedented danger, and her choices now must be about more than just herself… 

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