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Just For A While by Zoe Haslie

The Book:

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Book Title: Just For A While

Book Author: Zoe Haslie

Page Count: 298

Publishing Date: January 16th, 2018

Publisher: Self Published

Date Read: March 25th, 2018

Synopsis: Charlotte Harrington is capable of love, but the feelings of love, of letting anyone close to her, scare her.

Seventeen-year-old Charlotte’s life turns brusquely when her mother sends her away to spend the summer before college with her father—a man she knows nothing about and cares even less for. Thus, forced by a promise she made to her mom, and having secretly thrown her future away, Charlie finds herself stuck for an indefinite time in the coastal town of Rosetown. Raised by a single mother, Charlotte grew up to be an independent, suspicious, and lonely girl. To make matters worse, she is stubborn to the bone. Moving in with Daniel proves to be a challenge for both of them, as he will try his best to get to know her, and she will systematically undo his every attempt.

When Misha Breckenridge literally bumps into her life, along with his mesmerizing black eyes and his challenging ways, Charlotte finds herself stepping in quicksand. Despite her attempts to keep him —and every other person, for that matter—at a safe distance, Misha will soon find his way into her heart, making her lower her guard and open her long-closed heart to love.

As the summer unfolds, Rosetown and its memorable inhabitants inevitably start to grow on Charlotte. But, will she ever manage to forgive Daniel for walking out on her and her mother? Will she be able to let him into her heart and her life?

“Just For A While” is Zøe Haslie’s debut novel, a tale of love, friendship, struggling family relationships and, above all, forgiveness.

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The Review:

Just for A While has heart and soul. Within these pages you will find beauty, sadness, and hope. It will satisfy the contemporary lover in you!

This one was sad and heartwarming at the same time. I loved the engaging writing style and the depth of the story. It was fast paced and captivating, and the author did an excellent job of helping me visualize the story setting.

Just For A While was short and sweet, and felt like a Hallmark movie. It was a little predictable, and felt like it was inspired by several other contemporary stories, but it also held its own uniqueness. I really just loved how easy it was to read, and how emotional it was.

I found myself invested in all the characters. I was emotionally attached to Charlotte and rooting for her too find herself again. I was holding my breath, waiting for her and Daniel to form a father/daughter relationship. I enjoyed getting to know Anna and watching how she took care of Charlotte and Daniel. I fell for Misha and the way he put his sister first, and I became friends with Olivia and wanted to protect her like Charlotte did.

I loved the sweetness of this one. The ending felt a little abrupt, but it was a happy one. I don’t have a habit of reaching for contemporary unless I am craving emotional depth and dimension, but this one satisfied that hunger. Just For A While touched on issues of teen pregnancy, feelings of depression, bipolar disorders, love, loss, heartache, a parent having cancer, and disconnected families. It was powerful and sentimental and would definitely recommend it!


I had the opportunity to read this e-book for free, in exchange for my honest review, after connecting with the author through The Book Robin Hoods site. If you are an author looking for more reviews, or a reviewer looking to help out Indie/Self Published and Lesser Known Authors, make sure to click the link below and join us!

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About the Author:

side+crop+of+paperback+image+TSTME (1)Zøe sees herself as a citizen of the world. She’s spent the last two years of her life travelling the world and now she just can’t stop! While she enjoys her wanderlust, she writes sweet and delightful stories.

When she is not travelling or writing, Zøe enjoys sunsets, watching movies and TV-series, especially if they are old. She is also a quote collector! So, if you follow her online, you’ll discover the quotes that inspire her and help her get through life.

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