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The Goodnight Kiss by Jennifer L. Hart (The Unseelie Court #1)

The Book:

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Book Title: The Goodnight Kiss

Book Author: Jennifer L. Hart

Page Count: 398

Publishing Date: May 1st, 2018

Publisher: Self Published

Date Read: April 5th, 2018

Synopsis: A teenage serial killer with a mysterious past. 
The deadly hunter sworn to protect her. 
Secrets, lies and a shot at redemption. 
It all begins with a kiss. 

When 16-year-old Nic Rutherford heads out for a night on the town, she brings a full arsenal. Her best weapon? A deadly kiss that can take down the biggest game around—humans. Two-legged predators don’t stand a chance once she makes lip to skin contact. But her blessing is also a curse, one that Nic fears will inadvertently harm anyone who gets too close—her aunts, her best friend, or the mysterious new boy who possesses strange abilities of his own. 

Aiden Jager has the one thing Nic can’t resist—information. With his help Nic unearths answers about her own murky past along with the key to a hidden world where magic thrives and the impossible becomes reality if one is willing to pay the ultimate price. Beware, for once the door is open, there’s no turning back.

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Themes include sex, rape, violence, vigilante justice and cold blooded murder. Explicit language is an added bonus.

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The Review:

The Goodnight Kiss is new and exciting! It is a unique mash up of mythology and faerie fantasy. If you love YA fantasy with a deadly twist, you will enjoy this one!

This one was definitely a surprise for me. It was very different than what I have been reading lately. It was unique, and captivating, and full of unpredictability. It was a little confusing at times, and sometimes felt like it had too much going on, but it was enjoyable and intriguing all the same.

The synopsis is what attracted me first. I was promised a teenager serial killer with a wild ability and magical past. I was not disappointed in Nic’s character at all. She was wild and dangerous and very cunning. I really loved how she used her deadly power and who she chose to murder with it. Though her heritage and story were a little hard to follow at times, I was impressed at the development surrounding her and her past. I don’t think I have met a character quite like her before.

The story was full of deadly twists and turns. It was mysterious and very complex. There was a lot of world and history building, and though it didn’t always make sense to me, it was unique enough to keep me reading and wanting more.

I was also fascinated by Aiden’s character. He was dark, and enigmatic at times, and really added a layer of depth to the story. His connection to Nic, and his character history, kept me intrigued.

I enjoyed the unpredictability, and the magical aspects of the story. There was never a dull moment. It was fast paced and thrilling, and definitely had some awesome twists. The only aspect I really didn’t enjoy was the amount of sexual content thrown in involving Nic and her 16 year old friend Sarah. I’d say this would be more suitable for those over the age of 17. The book kept my interest, though and I am dying to get in to the next one! I’d rate it 3.5 stars.


I received a free e-ARC from Netgalley in exchange for my honest review per author request.

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