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Faerie Tale Friday: Glamour of Midnight by Casey Bond

The Book:
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Book Title: Glamour of Midnight

Book Author: Casey Bond

Page Count: 446

Publishing Date: April 5th, 2018

Publisher: Self Published

Date Read: April 3rd, 2018

Synopsis: Nineteen-year-old Karis has been blind since birth, but for some reason, she can see through the wall of smoke that separates the human lands from those of the Faeries that rule in grand courts on the other side. Most of the time, the only thing she can see on the other side of the wall is the swipe of a tail or the trailing of a bony hand along the surface. But one day, a handsome faerie appears and sweeps her away into his world—a world that is being ravaged by an evil so dark and deadly, she fears she may never see her home again.

Loftin is a bounty hunter and he has been searching for Karis since she went missing from the Court of Ash. He needs to return her and collect the ransom. But the longer they travel together and the more he teaches her about what she is now able to see, the more difficult he finds the thought of letting her go. A fiery passion ignites between them, but with a monster tracking their every move, they must find a way to reach the Court of Ash before it kills them both.

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The Original Faerie Tale:

Snow White was first published by the Brothers Grimm in 1812 with the title Sneewittchen. The faerie tale elements of the story featured a magic mirror, an evil queen, 7 nameless dwarves, the poisoned apple, and the glass coffin.

Fun Fact: The evil queen asked the hunter to bring back Snow White’s lungs and liver.

You can read the original tale here.

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The Review:

Glamour of Midnight burns with intensity. It is beautifully vivid and full of surprises. You’ve never read a Snow White story like this before, and you won’t be disappointed!

Wow, this one was so fascinating! I loved the darkness of it and the creativity of combining fantasy and fae with a faerie tale retelling. It was absolutely stunning and addictive!

I found, and loved, the bits and pieces that were inspired by the original tale, but the entire story just felt unique and fresh. It had danger, passion, and excitement! I loved the unique twists on both the plot and the characters.

The story was captivating and engaging. Told from both Karis and Loftin’s perspectives, I got a clear picture of what was currently happening in the story, as well as some amazing world development and fae history. There was never a dull moment, and everything flowed so nicely. If I hadn’t found out that this was supposed to be a fantasy retelling, I would have thought it was it’s own original faerie tale because it was so well written!

The characters sure felt original. I loved Karis and her kindness. She was so curious, and extremely perceptive for someone who could not see. Her character was definitely enjoyable, and I loved how she transformed from a shy, meek girl to a powerful, fierce woman. She was truly the heart and soul of the story, and of the fae world, and had that “Snow White” effect on everything she touched, enchanting everyone around her.

Loftin was a character that kept me on my toes. He had a deep, emotional side to him, covered up by charm, wit, and a little guile. What I truly loved most about his character was that he was based off of the hunter in the original tale that had a very minute part. For a character that originally had no explanation as to why he let Snow White live, Loftin had several underlying reasons, and had purpose in the tale.

And, who can forget the dwarves? Instead of getting dwarves though, or even seven present characters to represent them, we got Iric. Iric was the eldest of a slew of brothers (most living), and he represented the feeling of the dwarves and how they opened their hearts, and home, to “Snow White.” He was strong and protective, and was an amazing brother to Karis.

So, despite the talk of the original tale, and the comparisons, Glamour of Midnight stood on its own accord, and shined bright. Casey created a beautiful world, an exhilarating and unpredictable tale, and clever characters and relationships. The story was so brilliant that you could forget the original tale entirely. I’d recommend it to faerie tale lovers, fae lover, and fantasy lovers! 4.5 stars (or 5 faeries since the fae might not be happy with me for cutting a faerie in half.)


Thank you to the author and Lady Amber’s Reviews and PR for providing me with this free e-ARC in exchange for my honest review.
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About the Author:

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Award-winning author Casey L. Bond resides in Milton, West Virginia with her husband and their two beautiful daughters. When she’s not busy being a domestic goddess and chasing her baby girls, she loves to write young adult and new adult fiction.

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Character Art:

As part of an e-book pre-order special, many of us received special character art drawings! These amazing drawings were done by the talented Sydney Provencher at Little Rocker Chick Art! I absolutely could not resist sharing these beauties with you so you could get to know these amazing characters!

Glamour of Midnight Karis_LI.jpg

Glamour of Midnight Character Drawing_LI.jpg

Glamour of Midnight Character Drawing 2_LI.jpg

Are these three faerie tale material or what? ❤

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