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Little Bear and His Chair by Claressa Swensen

Happy Sunday Lovelies!

Today I am bringing you a mini review on an oh so cute children’s book that will be coming in July! Do you have any littles at home? Please share in the comments and tell me all about them! Pictures too if you feel like sharing! ❤ And, if you do have littles at home, make sure you look up Claressa Swensen and her sweet kid's books! They are beautifully illustrated and teach very important lessons for littles!


Keep your eyes on my posts around July because I will bet letting you know when you can purchase this adorable book for your littles, and there may even be a story time video!

The Book:

side+crop+of+paperback+image+TSTME (1)Title: Little Bear and His Chair

Author: Claressa Swensen

Genre: Children’s

Illustrated: Alena Paklina

Synopsis: Little Bear has a favorite chair, and he doesn’t want anyone else to sit on it. When his stubbornness gets in the way of his friendships, Little Bear has to decide what’s more important to him. 

A short story that teaches the value of friendship, and the importance of sharing.

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Mini Review:

Little Bear and His Chair is an adorable, beautifully illustrated tale that teaches an important lesson to little children. Claressa has a unique way of bringing her stories to life while weaving in fantastic morals. This one is one of her best yet.

I absolutely love the beauty in the illustrations in Little Bear in His Chair. For small children, these are key to capturing their attention and their minds. On top of these beautiful illustrations is simple, yet elegant writing that both engages the reader, and listener, and portrays the essence of youth, enjoyment, and the importance of right and wrong.

I would highly recommend this one, and all of Claressa’s books, to your first time readers, and your story time lovers. Little Bear and His Chair is a perfect example of how Claressa is able to bring across strong message to children, such as the importance of sharing and the value of friendship, while keeping their busy minds entertained with fun stories and captivating illustrations.


Thank you Claressa for sharing this free e-ARC with me in exchange for my honest review!


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About the Author:

side+crop+of+paperback+image+TSTME (1)Claressa Swensen resides in Northern Utah with her husband, baby girl, and her two dogs. She has written four children’s books, including Teensy the Littlest Fairy and Dino Dino Doing Homework. Her books are currently available in seven Barnes & Noble locations across Utah. Her work has been featured in Readers Favorite and over 10 different reading blogs.

Little Bear and His Chair / Claressa’s Facebook


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