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The Sixth Gate by K.T. Munson

The Book:

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Book Title: The Sixth Gate

Book Author: K.T. Munson

Genre: YA Dark Fantasy/ Paranormal

Publishing Date: July 7th, 2017

Publisher: Createspace

Date Read: May 29th, 2018

Synopsis: The interplanetary gates have existed between the five planets and the Netherworld for as long as living memory.

Dr. Elisabeth Avery is a woman caught between two worlds. Little does she know that others like her, other half-breeds, are being hunted. When a creature drags a princess into the Netherworld, Elisabeth is determined to save her by any means necessary.

Meanwhile, on the planet of Hystera, a Keeper and his assistant investigate a grisly string of suicides and are in need of someone with Elisabeth’s skills. The Gate Guardians and Elisabeth are aware that something is coming and know that it has something to do with the Netherworld bleeding through to the planets, but not why. 

Will Elisabeth be able to come to terms with who she is in time to face the coming threat?

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The Review:

The Sixth Gate is dark, intricate, and fascinating! It will take you on an otherworldly journey full of shocking twists and turns. If you love vividly complex worlds amidst paranormal fantasy, you will not be disappointed with this one!

I really loved the complexity and depth of this one. It started off mildly confusing with all the POV’s, but everything quickly came together, and the vividness of the world building made the mild confusion worthwhile. I enjoyed the different characters, and the intensity of the story. It was refreshing and unique!

The idea behind the interplanetary gates was intriguing to me. Having the different planets, including the Netherworld, offered a wide range of creatures and people. I loved the vivid details of the different worlds and how dynamic they were. This really added to the vivaciousness of the story.

I adored Elisabeth and her purity. She was kind and innocent, and untainted by her surroundings, but, more importantly, she touched and changed those around her and left traces of her purity with each person in her life. I also really loved her “half-breedness” and how it played a major role in the story, and symbolized the theme of having your choices determine your fate.

The Sixth Gate really drew me in. It was deep and thought provoking. It was intense and complex, and I loved how all the different POV’s crossed and entwined to add intrigue to the story. The world was so vivid and detailed, and it felt like something from a dark dream. I met a patchwork of enjoyable characters, in an alluringly chaotic world, that I will not soon forget! I’d like the next one now! I’d rate it 4-4.5 stars (or 4 mermaids).

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Thank you to the author for providing me with this free e-copy in exchange for my honest review!

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Read the Prequel for Free:

Head over to Amazon today for a free Kindle copy of The Gate Guardian’s Daughter (The Sixth Gate Prequel) so you can dive in to the world of The Sixth Gate! What a great way to get introduced to K.T’s writing, and the beginning of Elisabeth’s story.



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