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Cover Reveal: Salt For Air by M.C. Frank


I am so excited to share this beautiful Cover Reveal video that M.C Frank made for her book, Salt For Air! M.C is one of my favorite authors, and if you haven’t read any of her books, you are really missing out!

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Salt For Air:

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Book Title: Salt For Air

Book Author: M.C. Frank

Genre: Mythology/ YA Fantasy

Publishing Date: October, 2018

Publisher: Self Published

Synopsis: Greek mythology meets The Little Mermaid in this delicious fantasy novel about a quiet, nerdy girl who meets a mer prince in her bathroom. Perfect for fans of The Heroes of Olympus and the Lux series.

Seventeen-year-old Ellie dreams of mermen. She writes fanfiction about them and spends time in underwater kingdoms in her imagination, trying to escape the sad reality: she is an orphan. And not only that, but she’s bullied every day at school -she’s a nerd, she hates sports, she loves books and she used to be overweight. What’s not to bully?

One day, the bullies go too far. They try to drown her, but at the last minute an otherworldly creature shows up in the water. He keeps her breathing and tells her to live: “How will you be able to save anyone if you can’t even save yourself?”

She thinks it was a dream, but the emerald-eyed merman boy who rescued her appears in her school the next day. Is he really the exiled prince of an ancient kingdom that’s on the brink of utter destruction? And is he asking her to save him? Or is something far more sinister and deadly lurking in the water that surrounds her little Greek town?

When myth and reality collide, can love save their lives?


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What do you think? Will you be adding this to your TBR?

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Leaving you with a little more beauty to fill your soul. Check out these gorgeous aesthetics M.C put together to represent the book. And, make sure you check out her Mermaid Diaries for all the news about Salt for Air!




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14 thoughts on “Cover Reveal: Salt For Air by M.C. Frank

    1. So, making aesthetic boards for books is something that has popped up a lot in the past few months to a year I think. The main idea that I have gathered, and that I use when I make my boards, is to find pictures of objects or places, or even people (preferably without faces showing in focus) that remind you of the book or make you feel the way the book felt. This can be done for other things besides books, like, to represent yourself or your lifestyle. It’s really fun to do and its a way to make a collage of pictures to show the beauty of something.

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      1. It’s really fun to do and there isn’t one specific right or wrong way. Say you have a favorite character and they are described with blonde hair and they love beaches and pizza and have a carefree attitude. You could find a picture of a random girl with blonde hair, maybe standing with her hands thrown up in the air, add a picture of a delicious pizza, and a picture of a beautiful beach. Most people use canva which allows you to sign up for free and use pre-made collage templates, so you save your pictures from pinterest or something and then place them in a collage, and bam. 🙂

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      2. Thanks Darque… I still do not know how to operate that Pinterest… Though I get regular notification that pins are waiting for me as I don’t know what to do with the pins. Also can the pics on Pinterest be used by me? I have so much to learn

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I think pinterest pics are free game unless they specifically link back to the artists and say they are copyrighted. If in doubt, you can always state that you found the pictures on pinterest. Pretty much, what you do is use the search bar on pinterest to search for pictures, and if you “pin” them, that means you are saving them to your pinterest account. You can also save them to your computer so you can use them in aesthetic boards.

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