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Calendar Girls Reminder

Happy Monday Bookworms!

Don’t forget, next Monday, August 6th, will be the return of Calendar Girls with our first post! The theme is Best Novel Set in Summer! Make sure if you are participating that you link back to mine and Katie’s posts from that day so we can add you to the master list of Calendar Girls participants! ❤

And, if you have forgotten what Calendar Girls is all about, or if you missed the announcement post, you can read all about it here.

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August Theme:

The August theme is: Best Novel Set in Summer!

Remember to post any time on August 6th (if you absolutely can’t post that day, it is totally okay to post during the week as long as you link back to Katie and I) and choose your pick for the theme to talk about, rant about or review.

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September Theme:

Katie and I have decided to try to give more time to vote for the upcoming month’s theme, so we have created a google doc for your voting pleasure. Voting will close on August 5th, and September’s theme, and October’s vote, will be announced on August 13th. Please let me know if you cannot access the form, and happy voting!

September Theme Vote

Monthly Newsletter Sign Up

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8 thoughts on “Calendar Girls Reminder

  1. I am so glad I stumbled upon this post because this sounds like a lot of fun! I have read the original post and signed up for the newsletter but I am not quite sure where the master list of all Calendar Girl participants are?

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    1. I am glad you signed up! The master list of participants will be on my and Katie’s post each month. So, our first post will be on August 6 with the theme of Best Novel Set in Summer. Once we gather all the links from each person that posted for that theme, we will add the master list to our post. Would you like to be added to the Twiter DM group?

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