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Vagabond Souls by Pamela Stewart (The Ionia Chronicles #2)

Possible spoilers ahead! 

The Book:

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Book Title: Vagabond Souls

Book Author: Pamela Stewart

Genre: YA Sci-FI

Publishing Date: June 30thth, 2017

Publisher: Self Published

Date Read: July 29th, 2018

Synopsis: In 2155, being different could cost you your life. 

After surviving a terrorist attack on her home in Antarctica, Ionia travels deep into NAR Territory. She wants to get her new eye, figure out her feelings about her potential bot-boyfriend Den, learn to cope with her hell-cat mom, and maybe figure out her place in the world. 

But from the moment they arrive, Den is targeted and marked as a fleshie, a droid designed to appear human, and shunned. And worse, her extended family has been keeping a deadly secret about her past which could make her a target as well. 

When Ionia and Den are separated, Ionia must risk everything to find and save him. Can Ionia escape the NAR territory without losing her love, her freedom and maybe even her humanity? 

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The Review:

Vagabond Souls is full of danger and excitement! It’s a suspenseful read for the thrill seeker! If you love heart pounding adventure, make sure to pick up book 1 so you can read this one!

I found this one to be really exciting and I just couldn’t put it down! It had me on the edge of my seat the whole time. It was intense and suspenseful, but still had a deep level of emotion to it.

I loved the connection to book 1. Pamela did a great job with reminding me of what happened and keeping the characters connected to those events. What I really loved, and felt emotionally invested in, was the fact that Ionia experienced PTSD from the events in book 1. I felt like that was rare to see that realistically portrayed and it made Ionia jump off the page for me.

Den also really stole my heart. More than he did in book 1. I loved how human Pamela made him. He had such an emotional arc, and I became more attached to him as the story went on! He changed and grew from book 1, and also learned things about himself, about being “human” and about Ionia.

The story touched on issues of trust, prejudice, freedom, and choice. As Ionia, her mother, and Den visited Aunt Sera in the NAR territory, Den was targeted and judged for being a droid. This unearthed a whole slew of problems within the territory that added danger to the story. Ionia and Den faced problems of their own, as well. Could Den really love Ionia on his own if he was programmed to serve and protect her?

These “human” situations and scenarios involving Den, and other droids and AI’s, added such intrigue and excitement to the story. These droids, robots, artificial intelligence, etc., portrayed such emotion and struggle, and added a layer of depth that really made me think. I really enjoyed that about this book.

I felt like this one really spoke to me, and I enjoyed it so much more than book 1 because of that. I loved that this one stayed connected to book 1 but still changed and grew as far as the story line and character development was concerned. It was intense, exciting, and emotional. I’d definitely recommend picking up books 1 and 2 together, and I can’t wait to read the next one!

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Thank you to the author for providing me with this free copy in exchange  for my honest review!shell divider

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