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1st Ever Plot Monster Writing Contest

So excited for this! I hope a lot of you participate! ❤

Plot Monster

Good Morning Monsters! I hope you all have an amazing day planned!

I am so excited to announce the first ever Plot Monster Writing Contest! This month Plot Monster is officially one year old. In honor of this awesome milestone I am hosting a short story contest.

So, first the rules:

  • Each entry must be 3,000 words or less.

Okay. You can go a little over 3,000.  Don’t cut your story off just to meet this requirement. We’re not counting words. HOWEVER, if you send in 10 pages single-spaced, we will know you didn’t even try to meet this requirement.  (3,000 words is approximately 6 pages single-spaced.)

  • You may enter more than one submission.
  • The contest is open to contestants within the U.S and international contestants as well.
  • You must put your country of origin on the submission.

This is a must to ensure that you receive the appropriate prize.

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