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Victor by Sacha Black (Eden East #2)

The Book:

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Book Title: Victor

Book Author: Sacha Black

Genre: YA Fantasy

Publishing Date: July 5th, 2018

Publisher: Amazon digital Services

Date Read: August 8th, 2018

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The Review:

Victor buzzes with magic. It’s an intense thrill ride that will have you on the edge of your seat! With a vivid world, dynamic characters, and a heart pounding plot, you will not be disappointed!

Once again, Sacha has astounded me! Victor was everything I had hoped it would be and so much more! I could not put it down!

It picked up shortly after the ending of Keepers and was driven with an exciting pace. Bits and pieces of reminders from book 1 were sprinkled in throughout the story to help bring back important events so I didn’t feel lost. It was well done and I loved it more than the first!

Victor returned me to the incredible world that Sacha had created in Keepers. I loved how the culture and history of Trutinor continued to be developed and flourished with vivacity! I didn’t realize how much I had missed the keepers, fallons, shapeshifters, elementals, and sirens. There was also more history introduced regarding the mermaids of the world!

To avoid spoilers, I’ve decided to only talk about Eden. I loved her tenacity and strength. She continued to grow and develop from book 1 and had some crazy obstacles thrown her way in this one! I’ve become so invested in her, and the other characters, that I cannot wait to see what happens in the next book!

This one was so wild and unpredictable. I loved it! I can’t really talk about the main events, or the main characters, without giving spoilers away, but I’d definitely recommend buying both Keepers and Victor and reading them back to back! Victor was so much better than Keepers, and I had already given Keepers 4.5 stars. Both books had this amazingly vivid world that Sacha imagined, and amazing characters, but Victor really kept up the exciting pace and shocked me so many times, and left me in a tizzy with the ending!

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I had the opportunity to read this e-book for free, in exchange for my honest review, after connecting with the author through The Book Robin Hoods site. If you are an author looking for more reviews, or a reviewer looking to help out Indie/Self Published and Lesser Known Authors, make sure to click the link below and join us!

The Book Robin Hoods

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7 thoughts on “Victor by Sacha Black (Eden East #2)

  1. Lovely review Darque.. What is this site about? And do reviews have to be done in all the books or do we get to choose. I saw the site on the phone. It was a bit jumbled on the phone screen

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    1. The Book Robin Hoods? It is actually a group where authors and reviewers can connect. Authors can sign up if they are needing reviews, or beta readers, and they can contact the reviewers that are signed up to offer their books in exchange for honest reviews. Reviewers can sign up and if they see any authors they wish to connect with or books they are interested in reading, they can contact the authors themselves. Author M.C. Frank created it as a safe place for authors and reviewers to connect. 🙂


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