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Oak and Mist by Helen Jones (The Ambeth Chronicles #1)

The Book:

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Book Title: Oak and Mist

Book Author: Helen Jones

Genre: YA Fantasy

Publishing Date: March, 2015

Publisher: Createspace

Date Read: August 14th, 2018

Synopsis: “The end of everything? Great, no pressure then.”

Pushed between two trees at her local park, Alma finds herself in another world. Ambeth. Where a Palace gleams in green gardens by the sea, and the Balance of the worlds is held.

However, all is not as perfect as it seems. Three items are lost. A Sword, A Cup and a Crown. Light and Dark are embroiled in an ancient battle for control.

And both sides have been waiting for Alma to arrive…

Now she has to find a lost sword or the consequences for humanity will be dire. With no idea where to look, despite help from her new friend Caleb, things get even more complicated when a handsome prince of the Dark seems to be interested in her. Add in some time-twisting, concerned parents and a battle between Light and Dark for control of a lost sword, and it’s enough to make any fifteen-year-old want to give up. But then she wouldn’t see Caleb any more. Or Deryck…

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The Review:

Oak and Mist was full of beauty and mystery. I loved how vivid and vivacious it was! It drew me in from the beginning and kept me turning pages until the end!

I loved how unique the world felt. It had a lot of details and was very nicely developed. I really loved the idea of entering this world of Light and Dark by accidentally finding a gate in the human world and entering it. It had a faerie tale/faerie world feel, as the story told that sometimes humans happened upon these gates, entered the world, and when they returned to the human world, decades had passed during their absence. It was all kind of centered around mysticism and lore, and was quite beautiful.

I enjoyed the dynamic characters. Though, I do wish they had had a little more time to develop, they felt realistic and fascinating. I enjoyed Alma’s curiosity and boldness. I loved Caleb’s kindness. I fell in love with King Thorian and his emotions, and I was dangerously drawn to Deryck and his dark seduction.

The story was quite fast paced. I do wish it had been slowed down a little bit to really allow some more development and details to be added, but it definitely did not drag anywhere. It felt like a typical YA plot, but it did have a few unpredictable moments that shocked and surprised me, and it still had enough originality to keep me reading.

What I found the most interesting about the story was the fact that it wasn’t just another battle between Light and Dark. It was also about the gray area, about choices, and about emotions and impulses. There was a richness to it, and it was quite magical. I’d rate it 3.5 stars and I would definitely want to read the next one!

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