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I know, I am a day late with my Saturday Beauty Review, but that’s okay. It’s my blog, and I’ll be late if I want to ;-P. Anyway, back in February I reviewed the Remay Shave Gel Bar, if most of you remember. I recently made it to the end of my first bar and decided to give you all an update on my review, along with informing you about the giveaway Remay is hosting on their Instagram!


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The Product:

I was sent a complimentary Remay Shave Gel Bar in February to try for my honest review. Below are the key points about this product:

  • Protect the skin from nicks, bumps and razor burn.
  • Allows for a quick application with no mess.
  • Contain real coconut and tea-tree oil.
  • Paraben-free and sulfate-free.
  • The packaging is recyclable.
  • Vegan and cruelty-free.
  • Work with any 3, 4 or 5 blade razor.
  • Made for sensitive skin.
  • Great for travel.

The company aims to make shaving easier and quicker while catering to active lifestyles.


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February’s Review:

The application was easy. The minute the bar touched the water, it became slick, leaving a thin layer of gel applied as I swiped it up and down my legs. It was a quick process and I didn’t feel like I had to go over my leg too many times to get the gel to apply. It did not look or feel too thick, and it did not seem to “gunk up” my razor like most shaving creams do.

I felt like I got a clean, close shave, and did not have to go over the same strip more than usual. I usually make two swipes on each strip when I shave for the first time after hiding my legs for a while. The most important thing I noticed was that I did not cut myself at all, and I did not have any spots that were rubbed raw. As a diabetic, this is very important, but usually when I shave I have at least one small nick and a spot or two that comes up with razor burn, despite using shaving cream.

The next most important thing I noticed is that two days later my legs still felt smooth and looked moisturized.

The side of the bar comes with a finger depression on each side, making it easy to hold and grip the bar as you apply it. The bar is about 2/3 the size of a normal bar of soap. Remay makes claims that the bar will last for 30+ shaves, or 3 months of use. I fully believe this claim because the bar that I used does not look like it has gone down in volume at all. It also comes with a cover to protect it from water and outside particles.

So, the Remay Shave Gel Bar is convenient, easy to use, long lasting, moisturizing, and protects your skin. I also shaved my underarm and had the closest shave ever. I ALWAYS nick my underarms and end up with razor burn. The Remay gel fully protected my underarms they still look soft. The gel also has a very soft, pleasant scent, and a fun, purple color! I think my legs, and my razor, have found their new best friend! I would rate this 5 out of 5 stars and I will definitely be back with updates on my continued use of the product!

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August’s Review:

I will never use another product to shave with again! The Remay Shave Gel Bar is super easy to use. I have gotten into a routine of holding the bar under running water for a few seconds to activate the gel, and then applying it to my legs and underarms. The bar is easy to hold because it has a protective plastic cover with finger depressions so it does not slip during application. Using the bar makes shaving super quick, and I have not cut myself once, or had razor burn, since the first time I used this product back in February. I get a close shave, and my skin feels smooth and moisturized after every use. I used to hate shaving because it took so long to do, and because I always managed to cut myself or irritate my skin somehow.

Remay has changed all that for me and I would recommend it to anyone who hates shaving or needs something quick and easy to use. Even if you are happy with your shaving routine, I still recommend trying this product. The gel formula is incredible and your skin will thank you!

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Where to Buy:

You can purchase the Remay Shave Gel Bar by clicking on this link. You can also get 20% off your purchase with my discount code: ADRIENNE20.

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Also, make sure you visit Remay’s Instagram page to enter their giveaway for an Ulta giftcard and a 6 month supply of the Remay Shave Gel Bar!


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    1. Good question. I don’t think it would melt unless you left it outside. How hot does it stay inside your house? I keep mine at 74 degrees and I store the bar in my bathroom, which may sometimes get a little hotter because our closet is in the same room and doesn’t have an air vent.


      1. It stays 94-104 degrees inside your house?? I can take what’s left of my bar that I’m getting ready to throw away and sit it outside for the day to see if it melts. It gets to 115 degrees outside here.


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