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Top 5 Tuesday: Characters I Want As A Best Friend

Time for another Top 5 Tuesday post! This one is a good one! For those who don’t know, Top 5 Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by Bionic Book Worm. Shanah created this weekly event as a way to explore different, fun topics, so make sure you visit her amazing blog and check out her Top 5 Tuesday posts!

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Top 5 Characters I Want As A Best Friend:


Audrey Rose from the Stalking Jack the Ripper Series

Audrey is brave and daring and not afraid to go after what she wants, what is right, and what is necessary. She would make an amazing best friend, and I would love to on sleuthing adventures with her! (Graphic by Phantom Rin)


Lady Helen from The Dark Days Club Series

Lady Helen is another character like Audrey Rose. She is brave, daring, independent, and adventurous. She proves that she can handle anything that comes at her and still manage to be a decent friend, and a proper lady. I would love making friends with her!


Lara Jean Song Covey from the To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before Series

Lara Jean is quirky and adorable, and she proves time and again that she can be an amazing, caring friend, and sister. I would adore being best friends with her. Especially if it meant hanging out with Kitty!


Mila Flores from Undead Girl Gang

Hello! Mila raised the dead to find out what happened to her best friend! If that isn’t the definition of true BFF’ness, I don’t know what is! Plus, she’s kind of awesome! (Why has no one drawn her yet??)


Lysandra from the Throne of Glass Series

I started off hating Lysandra at the beginning. I think we all did. But, this badass, brave girl has proven she can be an amazing friend and a powerful ally. I would love to be by her side! (Art by Coralie Jubénot).

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