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Heir of Ra by M. Sasinowski

The Book:

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Book Title: Heir of Ra

Book Author: M. Sasinowski

Genre: YA Fantasy

Publishing Date: August 12th, 2018

Publisher: Kingsmill Press

Date Read: September 18th, 2018

Synopsis: Alyssa signed up to study history, not to rewrite it. 

An excavation of the fabled Hall of Records beneath the Sphinx unleashes an ancient disease that leaves her father fighting for his life. As Alyssa races to find a cure, she stumbles onto an impossible artifact that could change history—or destroy our future. 

With unexpected help from Oxford student Paul Matthews, Alyssa evades ruthless adversaries set on harnessing the power of the artifact. As a global epidemic looms, they must unravel deep secrets hidden within it and unveil the link between a mythical civilization and the birth of Egyptian mythology, before time runs out.


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The Review:

Heir of Ra is fast paced, action packed, and wildly entertaining! For lovers of the original Tomb Raider games, the Stargate movie, and Assassin’s Creed, you will devour this one! It is an edge of your seat, one sitting kind of read that is sure to impress!

Oh…my…god…I LOVED this book! This was easily one of my top 5 reads this year so far! I could not put it down, and I finished it in one sitting! It was adventurous, intriguing, and full of action and humor. It was an intense thrill ride that had me shocked at every twist and turn! It easily differentiated itself from other YA books by boasting the importance of family, respect for your elders, and education!

Sasinowski really impressed me with this debut novel! The writing was outstanding. There was never a dull moment and I could clearly see the story unfolding in my mind as I read. I truly felt like this would have made an amazing movie! There were so many details and layers to the story, and it all just fell in to place.

And, our main character, Alyssa, man was she kick ass!! I loved that even though she had a strained relationship with her father she still managed to show how much she loved him and she fought so hard to come to his rescue! She was brave and very intelligent, and I loved her snarky attitude! I loved that she never gave up and that she wasn’t a typical YA teen girl, caught up in hormones and romance.

I loved the different aspects of the story. Most of the time multiple POV’s just don’t work because they are too hard to keep track of, but I never felt lost or felt like I couldn’t figure out who’s POV I was following at any time. I truly enjoyed getting the different pieces of the story and getting to know all the different characters and their motives and histories. All these different pieces kept me on my toes and made the reveal at the end that much more shocking. And, the scenes with Horus, oh my word were those awesome!

Heir of Ra was intriguing and exhilarating. I couldn’t read it fast enough. It was very unique, but also reminded me a little of The Mummy and Indiana Jones, in a good way. Alyssa, though a star in her own right, resembled Lara Croft a little for me, which is why I fell in love with her! This book was incredible, and not only can I not wait for the sequel, but I am already dying to re-read it!

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Thank you to the author’s daughter for providing me with this free e-ARC in exchange for my honest review!

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