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Faerie Tale Friday: Arcatraissa by Lacy Sheridan


The Book:

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Book Title: Arcatraissa

Book Author: Lacy Sheridan

Genre: YA Fantasy/ Faerie Tale

Publishing Date: September 14th, 2018

Publisher: Createspace

Date Read: October 22nd, 2018

Synopsis:  Cassie has never believed in magic. Whatever her ailing aunt claims, and whatever Cassie wants to believe, fairies aren’t real. The old storybook is just a storybook, and the whispering in the garden is just the wind.

Tae has spent all his life watching children grow up and stop believing in magic. Every companion he’s ever had, lost to the human world. All but one.

When Tae and Cassie’s worlds collide, both are instantly enchanted. Swept away to the magic of the faery world, Cassie thinks she’s living a dream. But with the kingdom on the edge of disaster and the shadow of her aunt’s illness hanging over her family, what begins as a fairytale quickly becomes complicated.

Maybe deadly.

Because someone is taking fae in the dead of night, and Cassie and Tae find themselves wrapped up at the center of it all with no idea which way to turn. Beneath every dazzling faery light of Arcatraissa is a shadow, and everybody, human and fae, has a secret to keep.

Magic is a dangerous thing to dabble in, but old lies are infinitely more so.

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The Review:

Arcatraissa is full of beauty and wonder. It’s a perfect story book faerie tale. For those who love enchantment and faeries, you will adore this one.

This one was so magical. It was short and sweet and such a wonderous read. I adored the elegance of the writing and the enchanting world Lacy created.

Arcatraissa was definitely a faerie tale of its own. It involved a mysterious, fae, story book, a charming fae prince, and a beautiful faerie tale world. It had magic, danger, passion, a moral lesson, and a somewhat happy ending. It was a textbook faerie tale..

I loved the magic behind the book that Cassie’s aunt possessed. I loved that the story boasted about not forgetting your inner child when you grow up. And I adored the characters and their journey.

I finished this one in one sitting because it was just so good. My only complaint was that there was no real separation between the switching of POV’s, and that it was very predictable. But, it still had several unpredictable moments that made up for that fact.

I could have lived in the world of Arcatraissa. It was like a dream. There was magic and faeries everywhere. And, I just really loved how the book made me feel like it’s okay to be a kid still sometimes. Stories like these are why I love faerie tales.

Fall Mermaid Rating 4

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I think this adorable Miss Fluff faerie matches the cover.


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